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10 Best Memory Cards For Digital Cameras of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide


Memory cards; such an essential thing to have in this era of electronics and electronic devices.

From storing our data to exporting our files, memory cards have been along our side for quite a while now. There are various amount of storage available to a memory card. You might be well aware of the word GB. This is a standard to tell along with the digit, to explain a storage capacity of memory card. We don’t need to go into the details pf this thing neither we want to know why its’ there so, but one thing which we do need to understand is that the higher the GBs on a specific memory card, the higher will be its capacity.

Now memory cards are all ot the same. There are many types of them including, memory cards for digital cameras. There are also different sizes available to them, so you may choose one according to the slot size on your camera.

Not every memory card is of the same quality, and till now if you thought so, then think again. There are types to these memory cards, and you need to understand them.

Now how to know that which is the best memory card for your digital camera. In this very review I’ll take you through the journey of some of the best memory cards so you might be able to grab the best one.

10 Best Memory Cards For Digital Cameras of 2017

64GB Samsung Pro Plus

Samsung has always been a trusted company for many of us. And this memory card by Samsung contains some very specific and useful features. First of all, it is quite fast in its performance and very compatible for 1080p and 4K video shooting, which many of us would normally like to have in a card.

Samsung Pro Plus 64GB SDXC Memory Card for Digital Camera, DSLR, Camcorder, Laptop - (MB-SD64D/AM)


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2 used from $65.99
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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The transfer through this memory card is fast enough and saves your sufficient time. Further, as mentioned in the name, it has a storage space of 64GB which is huge, and not to forget its price is not too costly as well and anyone with a tight budget can grab on to it.

Another thing which is likely to enhance this memory cards popularity is that it comes with a warranty of 10 years. So you don’t need to worry about your memory card going all corrupt.

Through many of the tests which are performed to check the speed and compatibility of a certain memory card like those of in file transfers and in benchmark tests, Samsung Pro plus was the fastest of them all.

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II U3

This memory card by Lexar is amongst the best and fastest memory cards out there for the cameras. With a speed class of U3, this memory card gets itself rated as the fasted card for read speed.

Lexar Professional 2000x 32GB SDHC UHS-II/U3 (Up to 300MB/s Read) w/USB 3.0 Reader - LSD32GCRBNA2000R

3 new from $110.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 (Up to 300MB/s Read) w/USB 3.0 Reader - LSD64GCRBNA2000R

8 new from $163.42
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Lexar Professional 2000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 (Up to 300MB/s Read) w/USB 3.0 Reader - LSD128CRBNA2000R

1 new from $275.00
1 used from $210.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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This memory card is best for professional uses if you are looking for some compatible read and write speed. Many of the professional photographers or even consumers who have worked with this memory card are more than satisfied by its performance, and it’s only hard to say ha you’ll find any one complaining about it.

The write is always sustained at or over 241 MB/s. There is not just one capacity allocated to it, it comes with the capacity of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB which proves to be quite facilitation for many out there.

Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U3

Toshiba, along with its other brands available in the market, is also well known for the manufacturing of its memory cards.

The memory cards by Toshiba for digital cameras comes also comes in various capacity sizes like those of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. With comparison to its other competitors, memory cars by Toshiba are bit expensive and Exceria is no exception.

Toshiba Exceria Pro SD 32GB Memory Card UHS-II U3 (THN-N101K0320U6)

1 new from $55.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Toshiba Exceria Pro SD 64GB Memory Card UHS-II U3 (THN-N101K0640U6)

3 new from $99.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Toshiba Exceria Pro SD 128GB Memory Card UHS-II U3

2 new from $189.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Considering the read and write speeds, this memory card offers an exceptional speed of 260MB/s for the read memory and as for the write it is 240MB/s.

It can transfer 1000 photos in only a fraction of 1/5th  of the time. It also offers its prosumers with the maximum high-speed continuous shooting, continuous burst mode, multiple frames-per-second and full HD real-time video recording.

For the 4K video shooting it supports the UHS speed class 3. And the play back can be done with a minimum sustained speed of 30MB/s.

With the storage speed reaching up to a size of GB you can pretty much have the idea that how many of the videos and pictures and everything you can save of this very smart chip.

It comes in a size which can be considered very useful and a standard for many cameras. So this memory card can prove a good fit for many of the digital cameras out there.

Another reason to rely on this memory card is its warranty of a whole period of 5 years, which is, if you ask me, a great way to judge a memory cards quality.

SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II U3

SanDisk memory cards are I guess so far the most common memory cards used by many people out there, including myself. They are very reliable and fast to carry out, and trusted by many to be used along with the digital cameras to improve the storage space.

Sandisk Extreme Pro - Flash memory card - 32 GB - SDHC UHS-II (SDSDXPB-032G-A46)


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2 new from $140.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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SanDisk Extreme PRO SDSDXPA-064G-X46 SDXC Flash Memory Card with up to 95MB/s


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as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Sand Disk extreme has an amazing read and write speed. The read speed is up to 280MB/s and the write speed is 250MB/s.

Although the write speed falls a bit short as it would have been expected, but still it’s far better than many and is preferred and used by many professional.

The speed it offers with is quite fast and the performance is always reliable. There are again various capacities available to these memory cards which are 16GB, 32GP and a whole of 64GB.

In this era of competition, it is hard to strive through, but SanDisk is making improvements and adjustments to its brands for better and improved performance to be enjoyed by their customers.

SanDisk – Ultra Plus 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card – Black/Gray/Red

This memory card is one of the best by SanDisk to store your work from digital cameras. It provides an ample space of 32GP which is more than enough for to save infinite photoshoots and even high resolution videos.

SanDisk Ultra PLUS 64GB Memory Card. Upto 80MB/S Read. MicroSDXC, Class 10, UHS-1 Card With SD Adapter.

5 new from $23.50
1 used from $24.99
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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San Disk Ultra Plus SDHC UHS - I Card 32 GB Speed up to 80 MB/s 533x


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7 new from $19.01
1 used from $25.00
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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This memory card is designed in such a way as to comprehensively work with many of the digital cameras available but of course with a limitation that the camera must support SDHC cards.

It is also very fast as one can interpret from the fact that it can transfer 80MB/sec. It also contains the feature of self-defend as it is water and shock proof, so that becomes an assurance that your data will be going nowhere. Many of the SD cards don’t usually come with a shock resistance technology and once your memory card gets damaged, the work and everything is gone forever. So next time you choose a memory card, choose wisely.

SanDisk – SDHC Memory Card – Blue

This memory card is again very compatible with the cameras and the camcorders which support the SDHC memory cards. It can provide a sufficient storage space of 16GB so you can have loads of space at hand.

SanDisk 32GB SDHC Flash Memory Card (SDSDB-032G-B35) (Label May Change)


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as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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It allows its consumer to have some fast downloads as well as delivering and copying.  The warranty is of a time span of 5 years which is an ample time to work with a memory card.

Its further specifications consists of its color which a specific of royal blue and also a height of 1.4 inches. Its 0.9 inches in width.

If we look at the ratings of this memory card then it comes out be sufficiently high and to be precise a rating of whole4 stars. So next time you go out to work with your mirrorless, full frame or another digital camera, pair it up with SanDisk memory card to enhance your work efficiency.

SanDisk – Ultra Plus 64GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card – Black/Gray/Red

It supports high speed performance including the high speed 4k shooting on a digital camera. It provides with a high space of 64GP which would easily accommodate your wide spread work.

SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card - speed up to 80MB/s

7 new from $34.84
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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It can easily transfer a data of 80MB/sec without disrupting or disturbing any data format. It is also designed in such a way that it would provide full proof from shock and water and to your surprise it is also X ray and temperature resistant.

Further its writable label can easily identify and organize your media collection. If we talk about the warranty, it is quite amusing that it’s for a life time. So that means your data is in safe hands for years to come and by.

It consists of a height and width of 1.25 inches and 1 inch respectively. Sometimes the dimensions matters a lot, as it determines whether it could be compatible with the digital cameras or not.

The ratings so far gathered for this memory card are almost a solid mark of 10, so now you know why this memory card by SanDisk lies in the list of best SD cards.

Sony – 32GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) UHS-1 Memory Card

Sony has always been well known for the cameras it manufactures and now for the memory cards as well.

32GB UHS-1 Secure Digital (SDHC) Memory Card - 94MB/sec transfer speeds

3 new from $50.07
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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This memory card comes with a storage capacity of 32GB and can shoot is harsh or unfavorable enrolments too. Thanks to its water and shock resistant body of course.

It ensures the prosumers with fast and secure transfer and with a reliable speed of 40MB/s.

This memory card by Sony may be a little down when comes to the warranty. In compare to the other memory cards available, it only gives a warranty of 1 year limited.

This memory card is effectively suitable for DSLR cameras, digital cameras and camcorders.

I have used this memory card in both my camcorder and still camera with no problems. They also have a good write speed and read speeds alike. They will work in any device supporting a SD card and not just Sony.

Eye-Fi – Mobi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card – Orange

This memory card is a class 10 memory card with no surprise to know that it features a build-in WIFI, so can share your work from anywhere around the globe.

Eyefi Mobi 32GB Class 10 Wi-Fi SDHC Card with 90-day Eyefi Cloud Service (Mobi-32-FF)

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Eye-Fi eyefi MOBI 32GB CLASS 10 SDHC WiFi Flash Memory SD Card Wi-Fi EFJ-MC-32

1 new from $433.45
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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It’s easily compatible with many DSLR cameras and camcorders alike. It allows you to store numerous pictures and videos up to a storage space of 16GB.

The build in WIFI feature works great with any other android system and you can easily share the videos in any formats be it in JPEG, MPG, MOV, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, MTS, M4V and 3GP formats.

Further the security standards are remarkable, which not only keep your data safe but also secure and hack proof. The speed is a class 10 speed so you can share and transfer files with a blink of an eye.

Some of the other specifications which this memory cards consists is that is comes in an orange color with 1.3 inches and 0.9 inches of length and width parameters.

This very memory card by EYE-fi is capable of transferring 13 megabytes of data per second. The ratings are quite high for this memory card and so is the price as well.

Kingston – Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) 

Kingston technologies always strive to work for compatible devices whether they be their USBs or memory cards, it always meets the standards.

Kingston Digital 64GB SDXC UHS-I Speed Class 3 Flash Card (SDA3/64GB)


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as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Kingston Digital 32GB SDHC UHS-I Speed Class 3 Flash Card (SDA3/32GB)


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24 new from $22.97
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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Kingston Digital 256GB SDXC UHS-I Speed Class 3 90MB/s Read 80MB/s Write Flash Memory Card (SDA3/256GB)


Free shipping
36 new from $143.28
as of November 12, 2017 2:01 am
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It offers a storage space of 8GP, so you can save as many shots as your heart desires without running out of space.  This memory card comes with a warranty of a lifetime, and this is exactly what to expect from Kingston.

The color available to it is blue and to talk about the parameters of height and width then they are a fraction of 4.5 and 4 inches respectively. This memory card will simply never disappoint you and will meet your storage demands.


So winding up with the content, we tried to cover the best possible memory cards so you can enjoy the extra space. The list is irrespective of the price or ranks so feel free to explore each one of them till you get satisfied.

Some of the last words before we leave this review to you are that who exactly need a memory card? Well any one owning a camera or a camcorder needs one because extra storage space is always recommended.

Further to consider the transfer speeds of a memory card, no one like to lag behind in this era of technology any ways. So you should purposely prefer a card which transfers more data in a limited time span.

And lastly, always and always buy a memory card from a reputable seller. Mind my words, and make it a rule of thumb for yourself, because it is a common practice to sell defected or rugged memory cards.

So now till next time, make sure to take advantage from all the advice, signing off.


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