It is true to an extent that smart phones have dominated the low end of the point and shoot market but despite of it 2017 is anticipated to be a successful year for the mediocre price range and high end point and shoot cameras. Here we have compiled a list of Best Point and Shoot Cameras of 2017.

These cameras are very handy and compact coupled with the features that offer large sensors, higher megapixel readings & variety of connectivity options. They also offer some facilities related with the low light photography and the luxury of shooting 4k HD videos. So, whether you’re a college student searching for a better camera than your smartphone or a professional photographer looking for a decent pocket replacement for your DSLR, have a look at the following few options.

Entry Level Best Point and Shoot Cameras 2017

10- Sony W800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) :

Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP


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One cannot lodge any complaints about the quality this best point and shoot cameras provides in a price as low as this. It consists of a 20.1 megapixel 1/2.3” image sensor which, believe it or not, is the same size for an image sensor in cameras double the price. Not to mention the impressive Zoom readings of 26-130mm & stabilization of the image when the natural light isn’t high. The only restriction or a small drawback regarding it will be that the video recording is limited to 720p and not 1080p.

9- Canon PowerShot S110 12MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)

Canon PowerShot S110 12MP

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Canon PowerShot S90-S120 have been preferred in the market for years & are popular for a number of reasons such as they consist of a durable body & are lightweight with the luxury of fitting into your pocket easily. On a plus note the price for the camera has been significantly dropped due to the release of the PowerShot S120. Large Sensor, fast f/2.0 lens and raw capability adds up to a wonderful picture quality.

8- Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera with 38x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi (Black)

Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera

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You could term this beauty as the best budget super zoom camera in the point and shoot market which provides an impressive 38x optical zoom coupled with an image senor of the power 16 megapixel. When compared to other super-zooms this gadget require the conventional AA batteries to run them along with less manual controls. A major advantage of purchasing this is its ability to shoot 1080p videos Best Point and Shoot Cameras.

Mid-Range Point and Shoot Cameras:

7- Canon PowerShot SX710 HS – Wi-Fi Enabled (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX710 HS


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The best part about this gadget is that it outperforms most of its competitors in a higher price range. With a weight of just 1.2 pound it easily fits in your pocket with the features of 30x Optical Zoom (25-750mm), a built in Wi-Fi and the most amazing, 1080p Full HD (60p/30p/24p options) video shooting capability. Other features include 20.3 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with the DIGIC 6 Image Processor.

6- Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Optical zoom and 3.0-inch LCD

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K 10.1 MP

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This is one of those gadgets that are truly respected among the photography enthusiasts and community. It can be termed as one of the bests cameras in the market that provide value for money. With an aperture as low as f/1.4 this camera offers the best low light performance than any other point and shoot on this list. Also, it clicks as fast as 11 frames per second and offers the ability of 1080p video making.

5- Canon PowerShot G16 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 1080p Full-HD Video Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon PowerShot G16 12.1MP

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With a number of manual controls, 1080p video-making, an impressive lens of an f/1.8 aperture, in camera HDR conversion and the panorama mode it is worth the price. Although Canon went without an actual flip-out screen but it consists of everything and worth the price for $449.

4- Fujifilm X30 12 MP Digital Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Silver)

Fujifilm X30 12 MP Digital Camera

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as of August 16, 2017 12:49 am
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This can be termed as one of the bests gadgets in the market for travel and street photography which can not only compete neck to neck with any compact camera present in the market but also provides modified technical improvements such as the inclusion of a fast 28-112mm f2.0-2.8 lens and a stunning electronic viewfinder. Not to forget the excellent 1080p video making along with RAW capabilities that makes it better than almost all of the cameras in this price range with Sony RX-100 III might be the only exception.

High Range Point and Shoot Cameras:

3- Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II


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One camera in the market that has it in it to compete the beast Sony RX 100 III is would be the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II. It is the king of high end of the point and shoots camera market that boasts a big 1.5” CMOS image sensor which is about only 20% smaller than Canon’s default sensors for their SLRs. It inducts a faster lens than its predecessor and a Wi-Fi with no GPS. It is tailor made for professional photographers during travel if they want to take a second camera with them. It has a 12.8 megapixel lens and weighs only 20 ounces makes it Best Point and Shoot Cameras.

2- Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera

Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Camera


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It defies description and we can’t give it a better one than an ‘alternative for SLRs when the professionals and enthusiasts can’t carry larger setups with them. A smooth and swift Carl Zeiss lens helps in producing high quality crystal clear images with the help of a 20.1 Megapixel lens.

With a maximum aperture of f/2.8 it helps creating an excellent result regarding the low light performance. Electronic viewfinder and a sensor size of 116 sq. mm are all packaged in a lightweight durable body and is termed as one of the best point and shoot cameras ever made.

1- Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100K 4K, Best Point and Shoot Camera with Leica DC Lens (Black)

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100K 4K,


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It cannot be classified as a picture perfect Point and Shoot camera but it’s worth every penny. Every camera has its core feature and Lumix LX100’s most prominent feature is its 4K Ultra HD and it is one of only a handful of cameras of any kind.

Leica f/1.7-2.8 lens pushes its lowlight quality to the next level. It is a tough pill to swallow at this price for its consumers but he extra sharp image quality and the slick design makes up for it. The electronic viewfinder & built in Wi-Fi are some of its additional attractive features make it Best Point and Shoot Cameras.