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Best Professional Camcorders of 2017


Ever wondered to get your hands on one of the trending professional camcorders? But the ever available reviews were not that satisfying for you-cause same…! In the present age when every individual is looking for quality ranked products, it’s hard to stay away from spamming products.

Presently, the internet is flooded with reviews across the web, accounting for the best camcorders out there. It’s hard to believe in each one of them, cause many factors comes into play while influencing the user experience-but let’s just not get into that.

Buying a camcorder is a tough job, seeking professional approach as well as a good taste and surveying. But this step becomes way easier, when confronted with the right consultant and advice. Despite the on slaughter of smartphones, which are equipped with every sensor and hardware update possible, camcorders are still very much in trend.

Surviving in the present eon of competition, every brand is in the venture, to produce the best camcorders possible. From the most expensive to the cheapest camcorder, these gadgets are equipped with multiple features, to provide the prosumer with more heightened user experience.

So what is the best camcorder to buy in ultra-modern age? Let us take you through a ride of up-to-date comparison of features, to promote the Best camcorders to buy in 2016, along with their hefty price tags, which are just mentioned for the mere purpose, so that the amateurs can get a better insight, and decide the brand for themselves which could be budget-friendly.

Best Professional Camcorders to buy 2017


Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder with HD

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as of November 17, 2017 12:50 pm
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First on the list, comes along the CANON LEGRIA HF G30, which is a perfect fit for the beginner level of professionalism. It’s a camcorder that shoots 1920 x 1080p Full HD video supporting 25p recording, which will give your footage a more picturesque look. It comes along with a blend of optical and digital stabilizations to keep footage looking smooth, which is a major attraction for many professionals.

Its build in cinema-looks filters can give that ‘’film’’ look one desires. For more natural looking highlights, The HF G30 is equipped with a Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens with an 8-Blade Circular Aperture.

The price tag of £1,141.96 can come off as trouble for some, but it’s something this camcorder simply deserves. While maintaining a compact form factor, its lens uses aspheric lens technology to achieve low chromatic aberration and high resolution. Featuring the 8-Blade Circular Aperture, the video lens reduces the “starburst” effect. Further for extra flexibility, the manual focus ring can be set to control zoom instead.

It also allows you to record video directly to widely available SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards. Plus, dual slots on the Legria HF G30 enable Relay Recording as well. Ultimately, this camera will have you shooting forever.

Not to forget its Optical Image Stabilizer, that corrects the camera shake instantly. The system also stabilizes rotational camera shake to ensure smoother and distortion-free video, even while walking and shooting-Now that is something to look forward too.

Further to enhance the focusing capability, the Legria HF G30 features Focus Assist, to capture razor-sharp focus, which is an advantage upon many other cameras.

The Legria HF G30 camcorder can simultaneously record video in AVCHD format to one media card and MP4 format on the other. The camcorder also has a built-in transcoding function that converts AVCHD files to MP4, or from MP4 to MP4, ultimately becoming a treat for the amateur film makers.


JVC GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder,

2 new from $1,967.39
as of November 17, 2017 12:50 pm
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. With its ability to shoot up to 600 frames per second, small form factor, and affordable price, this camera is a solid choice for athletes, coaches, and consumers who need good performance on a budget.

In search for a dual purpose camcorder? Then JVC GC-PX100 camcorder-camera hybrid would be a perfect fit for you. It’s capable of capturing Full HD 1920 x 1080 video and up to 12MP still images. It can also record Full HD video and 3 Mp still images simultaneously, giving an experience, out of this world. It’s one of the most affordable choices for high frame rate slow motion cinematography today.

It comes along with a high-quality lens supporting 10x optical zoom, fit for filming landscapes and outstretched details.

Further facilitating its prosumers the GC-PX100 also features several other user-friendly shooting controls and options, giving off that tint of professional control. It’s equipped with an Optical Image Stabilizer with Advanced Image Stabilizer cancelling out the annoying blurriness every time you click.

Spotted something interesting? Or are you just curious to capture the nature’s ever changing beauty, the GC-PX100 supports shooting speeds up to 600 fps for shooting high-speed action, so you can click those moments in a blink of an eye.

Gotta capture that still? Well then GC-PX100 is equipped with 12.8-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor with a 10x optical zoom, so you can have the most of everything.

Its time-lapse is a must try. It allows having those slow motion movement effects, resembling those John Woo-style Bullet Time videos.

It’s an all premium camcorder, with bewildering range of formats. Despite the large sensor, the GC-PX100 still offers a pretty healthy 10x optical zoom.

Having the ability to capture 600 frames per second, this camera is a perfect choice for athletes, coaches, and consumers who need good performance on a budget. One of the many factors making GC-PX100 so popular among these days is its innovative design that simply an eye can’t resist for. Great looking shots require great looking monitor which this camcorder simply have. Being amongst the best camcorder out there, you would definitely want to get your hands on this one, in the coming seasons.


Canon C100 Cinema EOS Camera (Body Only)

6 used from $2,399.99
as of November 17, 2017 12:50 pm
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Providing the depth of field control, The EOS C100 is equipped with the advanced 35mm Canon CMOS Image Sensor, which is a perfect blend for cinematic image capturing. It’s a professional camcorder that comes along with a Digital SLR-sized sensor. Its compatibility with Canon’s interchangeable EF mount lenses, gives a wide variety for shooting, thus providing a film-like performance.

Taking a start from its image sensor, it’s designed and build for the highest quality HD RGB processing, in order to deliver exceptional image quality at the highest speed.

Not to forget about its multiple recording modes, The EOS C100 supports shooting up to 24Mbps at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. Further it offers reduced rolling shutter artifacts for cleaner and realistic clicks.

For people in professions like documentarians and independent filmmakers, the innovative design of this camcorder is a perfect treat.

Creating an instant backup,C100 dual memory card slots allow to record simultaneously ,thus creating an instant backup and Its of great reliability and durability too.

It comes along with a dedicated button, for focus adjustments. From adjusting the aperture of the lens to maintaining a proper exposure, it comes with quick and easy maintenance.

Featuring a top mounted handle unit, it comes along with two XLR connectors and a microphone shock mount, providing the best audio input for professional grade microphones.

With the main specs all discussed, it’s one of the best camcorder to get within your reach. Besides, who would not want to be that ‘’spotlighted’’ photographer at the big event..!


Panasonic HC-X920 3D Ready HD 3MOS Digital Camcorder with Wi-fi (black)

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4 used from $594.99
as of November 17, 2017 12:50 pm
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SHOUT OUT to the most full featured camcorder out there…! Let’s get started with the PANASONIC HC-X920.Tagged as the most expensive consumer camcorder in the company’s lineup, it’s never a challenge to say that its price doesn’t matches with the available upgrades-cause it does…!

Coming with an integrated hand strap, it’s larger than entry-level video cameras.

The lens being of a modest design covers a 29.8-357.6mm field of view. Its large aperture can zoom all the way in to your view of display. Its digital zoom can extend to 25x, and even at that extreme range the optical stabilization system, impressively minimizes the shakiness, which is no surprise for a quality camcorder like HC-X920.

Flowing with the trend of touch screen, HC-X920 has a touch screen interface, which allows the consumer to do manual settings at the very ease of their usage. Its LCD comes with a size of 3.5 inch, now who would not like a good display to look at…!

Further facilitating the prosumer, it has a build in WI-FI, which works with the android, so that the camcorder can be used wirelessly with the phones or tablets etc.

Using a three chip design, for each primary color, the configuration delivers some extreme video quality. Even when engaging with digital zoom, the footage comes out really sharp.

Not to go without mentioning its audio quality having 5.1-channel mic, which never fails to impress its consumers? There is also a mic-input, for attaching higher quality microphone, giving the ease to monitor the voices as you record.

Its VW-CLT2 adapter helps to record in 3D footage-Now that’s a plus!

Lastly, its class-leading image quality is at the mercy of BSI CMOS sensors with 12.76-megapixels.All of the above discussed speculations are enough to attract any professional for a wild ride down the filming-maze.


Now, we are all down to the last item, its time reveal the JVC EVERIO GZ-HD6EK.

To all those hobbyist, being tight on their budgets, this camcorder is one of the bestest fit for you. Offering the attractive price tag of £262 it’s a good deal for someone who simply doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend.

Blessed with features like the storage up to ten hours of video in 1920 x 1080 full HD, Fujinon 10x optical zoom HD lens, Featuring built-in 120 GB hard disk drive, and offering 1080p 60 frame per second output via HDMI 1.3 are some of the icing to start off with this brand.

Some of the top viewers viewed GZ-HD6EK for the one having an excellent image quality, good color and contrast and amazing resolution. Its setup is very easy and user friendly, so that any one get their hands on it.

All the small minor details, have earned the JVC some huge amount of customers.

Cause JVC is the only manufacturer placing its main emphasis on hard disk-recording camcorders.

Talk about the video cameras appearance, it has a very stealthy black-bodied look which can fit comfortably in your hand.

The accessories such as microphones would require their own power, as well as cables because this camcorder consists of a microphone input which is a cold shoe; instead of hot shoe.

In the case of the new HD6 one can spot a massive 120GB HDD that stores up to 10 hours of Full HD video .This amount is incredible and blows away competing high-def. formats. It also supports 4k video recording, which takes it away to a whole new level. Though, it consists of a single SD card slot.

To help sort out the best focus and exposure settings, the video camera comes along with an automatics color and face tracking.

The LCD screen, having a display of about 3 inches, gives the opportunity to flaunt those professional clicks.

As noted earlier, this high-def. video camera records 1920 x 1080i video, which is a huge step up from the 1440 x 1080i of earlier HD camcorders.

Although its mic has a difficult time dealing with sorting of the wind noises, this too is masked by the recording of this camcorder, which is top-notch.

It’s simply a winner when it comes to shooting in the outdoor spaces, and it’s not too shabby in the available light too.buy_button_amazon_com


Guiding you all the way through the trending professional video cameras of 2k16, it’s now up to you to decide the most suitable brand to polish those skills of yours.

The Brands are never ever perfect in all aspects, they may be lacking in one area or the other-But hey, a few setbacks can’t feeble away the glamour of these ever veering brands

The pros and cons are always there, but it’s the job of the professional to clear them all out by combining that cam of theirs with the huge stock of accessories available-For now, Good luck with that next professional shoot-Signing off till next time…!


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