Best Raw Photo Editing Software 2016 

Most of the latest cameras allows the users to shoot in raw format which is something generally always recommend for most photographers.

When shooting, capturing Raw files make sure that you maintain greater control of your final images. Raw doesn’t just enables a greater scope for post-production due to the higher amount of data in the file, but allows sharpness and image noise control that, if shooting in JPEG-only mode for example, may otherwise be compromised given the camera’s often limited internal processing.

The process of editing Raw files is generally assumed as a difficult and time-consuming task, but if you choose the right photo editing software, it would be a lot easier.

Photo editing service providers have different kinds of application software. With the use of photo editor, you can easily remove blemishes and flaws on photos like pimples and wrinkles. With photo editor, you can easily set the color, brightness and contrast, Lightroom therefore producing good quality images. You can also apply the other modes in your photos such as sepia, blurred effects, night settings and etc.

Our critics have compiled a list of the best photo editing services.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Photoshop + Lightroom CC Mac & PC – $9.99/month

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available now as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud package, so you get it alongside the full Photoshop for a fee each month.

This means that you would see some updates to the software which are available as free updates as long as you keep on paying for your subscription. It was last updated on October 2015 with some added features which make the position of Lightroom stronger as the number one image editing and organisation software for both professionals and hobbyists.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC allows the users to edit Raw photos within the software itself through a selection of sliders which are identical to Adobe Camera Raw. This means that the user get rid of the annoying two-step process that happens with normal Photoshop.

Some key attributes from the latest version are the capability to adjust haze in specific areas of a photograph, and some other improvements made to Lightroom’s mobile options across Android and iOS. There’s also Lightroom on the web which enables the user to a few of the editing tools within a web browser.

Apple Photos

apple photos editing

In the past, Apple users used to make decisions between two softwares, the iPhoto and the Aperture 3 but now, the company has merged both of them, and replaced them with the free “Photos” software.

It is a free which is the biggest plus point, but many users reported that the new Photos software doesn’t have the large number of advanced options as the Aperture software offered in the past.

Photos can work on both JPEG and raw format files. Images imported to Photos can be uploaded automatically to the iCloud but of course, you’re going to set a payment plan if you want to save your raw files on the iCloud.

The edits users can do in the Photos are pretty lightweight, which is fine for making a few quick adjustments, but professionals and serious hobbyists might probably want to use some more advanced software.

DxO Optics Pro 10

DxO Optics Pro 10

Mac & PC – $129 (Essential Edition) $199 (Elite Edition)

Beating DxO Optics Pro is very tough as it provides a complete Raw editing solution.

Not only does the software boasts with a range of high-end tools to assist the enhancement of image quality but it also provides extensive tools to help the Raw conversion process..

DxO Optics also has a wide variety of tailored lens correction plug-ins which idetify the lens used and correct the images accordingly for any known flaws.

The latest update has a feature called the “PRIME denoising technology” which is designed in such a way that it lessens the amount of noise in an image, without losing any detail. Those who like to shoot in low light should find this particularly beneficial. The software is also 4x faster than the previous version.

Corel AfterShot Pro 2

Corel After Shot Pro 2

Mac, PC & Linux – £57.99  Corel AfterShot Pro – $99

AfterShot Pro is very identical to Adobe’s Lightroom software as it not only provides advanced Raw editing features to the users, but also serves as a decent photo management tool at a very economical price.

The latest version offers fine control over different parameters like colour balance, sharpening and noise reduction, as well as lens-distortion correction. One of the things it does really well is enabling the user to edit only certain parts of an image, which is a little more flexible than the equivalent Lightroom function.

Phase One Capture One Pro 9

Phase One Capture One Pro 9

Mac OS X – $299.00  Windows – $299.00

Phase One Capture One Pro 9 is the most favorite software of studio photographers due to its tethered shooting abilities. Capture One Pro is often used with medium format users but as the name suggests, its a professional software however, there are many features for easy organization and top-notch post-processing and the amateurs might not found it very difficult.

Those who are looking for a software that offers a professional level of support and integration in to the work flow, Capture One Pro 9 is the thing to go for.