Selfie Stick has surprisingly revoked very contradictory and interesting statements from all over the world. Where there is a possibility that it might look silly to some people but on the other hand it can be a very useful, handy and a great photography accessory for travellers, photographer fans and basically whoever wants to click better photos. Selfie Stick name to this device sounds a tad lame but realistically it is better than alternatives like monopod or narcisstik.

Intriguingly, some sports grounds in UK and various states in the US have banned Selfie Stick’s inclusion in the stadium as it interferes with the view of the game. Selfie Stick was invented a long time back but it wasn’t until last year that its popularity hit peak. TIME magazine named it as the best invention of 2014.

Here are some of the best Selfie Sticks of 2017 for you to pay thoughts:

Best Selfie Sticks to Buy in 2017

Looq Selfie Stick:

Looq System DG-LB01 Wired Extendable Third Generation Selfie Monopod for Android and iOS Smart Phones - Blue

as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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This particular selfie stick was singled out as one of very less expensive models available in the market. The reviews regarding this model suggest that the rubberized grip is a very nice feature albeit pressing the button would shake the whole sticks a bit which results in a blurry photographer on your phone or the camera.

If anyone is looking for a less expensive solid option in selfie sticks, Looq Selfie Stick is the way to go about. It doesn’t incorporate Bluetooth, has limited warranty but is available in different colors at a price of $19.99.

PolarPro PowerPole Selfie Stick:

PolarPro PowerPole-Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole

1 new from $99.99
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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If you’re more interested in utilizing your GoPro than a smartphone camera, PolarPro Selfie Stick is a decent option. Critics say that it’s more than a selfie stick as 5200 mAh battery is fixed right inside the grip. The two USB ports make it very handy to charge your devices and extend the filming time of your GoPro as long as 10 hours. It provides concurrent charging but its high price tag is which might make you a bit reluctant. It is available for $99.99 and is heavier than other selfie sticks.

Quick Pod Handheld Selfie Extendable Pole with Mini Tri Pod Legs:

Quik Pod Handheld Selfie Extendable Pole for Action Cams, Point and Shoot and DSLR Cameras

1 new from $120.00
1 used from $19.99
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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Quick Pod can be stated as the first ever selfie stick brand as it is one of the leading names in the market. The best thing about the model is its versatility as it can be set up as a tripod. Because of its versatility that it offers it can be utilized as two accessories in one. It is the perfect option to connect your smartphone or a digital camera with. It is lightweight, compact, comes inside a bag and a strap. It isn’t waterproof and doesn’t have a battery and is available for $35.

DigiPower TP-QPXT QuikPod Extreme Monopod:

Portable, DigiPower TP-QPXT Quikpod Extreme Monopod and accessories (Silver/Black) Consumer Electronic Gadget Shop

3 new from $67.08
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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This selfie stick was singled out by Wall’s Street Journal’s Joanna Stern. DigiPower TP-QPXT QuikPod Extreme Monopod is also known as Xpert and has a grip made up of rubber that makes it easy for it to hold even when you have sweaty palms or thick gloves. It is rugged and waterproof coupled with a sleek design. All of these in a very decent price range.

Belfie Stick:

Accmor Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand for Smartphones, Tablets and Video Cameras


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1 new from $35.99
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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The world is a strange place. Butt plus Selfie = Belfie. This is a stick that helps you click pictures of your rear end i.e. your bums. It is definitely a lot narcissist but it is a great tool to have if you’re trying to share a tempting picture of you on your dating profile or Tinder. It works with a wide variety of phones but is hard to find and very expensive ($80).

QuikPod Sport Selfie Stick:

Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Stick, GoPro Pole and Selfie Stick - GoPro Mount & Selfie Pole waterproof for diving, snowboarding, surfing & hiking


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4 new from $54.46
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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Another item on our list offered by the well renowned QuikPod. It is specially designed if you want to click selfies while partaking or water rafting. The mid-range price belies huge number of hidden features in this sporty designed selfie stick. It has a sturdy grip which makes it easier to hold and is waterproof with quick release camera mount. The drawbacks are that it is bulky and has a shorter extension span coupled with limited color options. It is available for $59.55.

Promaster Selfie Stick:

Promaster Selfie Stick, Camera/Smart Phone Boom Arm, Blue


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16 new from $19.95
1 used from $19.97
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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Promaster selfie stick extends to an impressive 51 inches and is lightweight. A drawback that this selfie stick holds is that you might have to remove the case in some cases in order to get a better fit of the smartphone. It might also limit some smartphones to the horizontal orientation use. It has a telescope design and doesn’t have a battery. Price = $29.95

GoPro 3 Way:

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)


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22 new from $69.00
9 used from $40.00
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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This is probably the only selfie stick you won’t feel silly to splurge money on as it offers a number of photographic functions. It is three in one as it can be used as an extension arm, tripod and a camera grip. It is waterproof so you won’t feel unsafe using it in rainy weather. It has a versatile design, lightweight and compatible with all GoPro models. The drawback is its limited extension of 20 inches coupled with lacking an internal battery/remote. It is available for $70.

CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote:

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote for Smartphones - With Universal Phone Holder up to 3.25 Inch in Width - Adjustable Handheld Monopod 11" - 40" - Light, Compact, Easy to Carry


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1 new from $12.99
1 used from $10.93
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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The selfie stick offers best features for a moderate price including a Bluetooth remote but if you’re limited in budget you can buy it without a remote too. It is available in various colors and is extendable to 40 inches. Furthermore it is compatible with nearly every phone. It is not waterproof and the head is not adjustable past 180 degrees. It is available for $29.99.

Jokul Sweden Monopod:

Selfie Stick, Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable and Compact Handheld Monopod with 20-Hour Battery Life for iPhone 7/7 plus/Se/6s/6/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Edge, Note 5/4, LG G5, Moto and More


Free shipping
1 new from $16.99
1 used from $15.29
as of April 22, 2017 11:29 pm
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If anyone of you aren’t willing to spend a lot of cash on a simple tech accessory and still willing to click great pictures for vacations or try out the selfie diet, go for Jokul Sweden Monopod. It has 40 percent off and available just for $4. It nearly works with every smartphone and has an adjustable head. It is neither waterproof or has a battery but has an extension of around 36 inches.


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