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Canon VIXIA HF G30 Review – Best Canon Camcorder


Canon VIXIA HF G30 consists of the following key features. The Canon Video Camera possesses following key features.

1/2.84-inch CMOS with 3.09Mpixels; 20x optical zoom; 400x advanced zoom; Optical Image Stabilization: Intelligent IS with Advanced Dynamic Mode; AVCHD 2.0 and MP4 recording at up to 35Mbits/sec; Wi-Fi control capacities.

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What is Canon VIXIA HF G30?

The Canon VIXIA HF G30 is the highest point of Canon video camera shopper camcorder reach. It’s exceptionally pricey, however offers includes that push it solidly towards the genuine end of the range, including extensive manual settings and a sensor manufactured from the Canon’s expert reach. The inquiry is doing the elements and picture quality legitimizes the high cost?Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 1

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Review: Features:

Canon VIXIA G30 focuses around the most recent twist of Canon video camera latest HD CMOS Pro, a sensor that has been particularly customized for upgraded feature execution. This is a generally substantial 1/2.84-inch unit with a gross 3.09 Megapixels, of which 2.91 Megapixels are utilized when capturing feature. Unusually, the additional Megapixels over the 2.07 needed for Full HD are not bridled for any kind of cutting edge zoom, despite the fact that in any event the optical zoom is an effectively solid 20x.

Notwithstanding, the additional Megapixels will be called upon for the Intelligent IS along with the Advanced Dynamic Mode. This is a half breed of optical and computerized adjustments. The essential mode is optical yet the advanced expansion permits all the more intense vibration diminishing. In automatic state, this identifies shooting environment and sets itself in like manner. There’s dynamic choice for normal handheld work, fueled for amazing zoom, and a large scale mode.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder2

A tripod option (basically with IS killed) barges in when the camcorder is in a stable condition for an expanded time. This is especially convenient while doing smooth skillet or tilts, as IS can make these jerky as soon as you perform it on a tripod. Panasonic’s HYBRID OIS utilizes comparative innovation and is somewhat more powerful; however Canon’s is yet the boss.

Footage is saved only to the Micro SD card with no inward memory given. Then again, there are two SDXC-perfect openings. You can set all of them up so motion pictures are saved to one however stills to the next, or you can record to both immediately making a programmed reinforcement. There exists a transfer mode too where the camcorder will consequently switch spaces when the card in the first is full, without dropping a casing.

Footage is saved only to the Micro SD card with no inward memory given. Then again, there are two SDXC-perfect openings. One can set all of them up so motion pictures are saved to one however stills to the next, or you can record to both immediately making a programmed reinforcement. There exists a transfer mode too where the camcorder will consequently switch spaces when the card in the first is full, without dropping a casing.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 3

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Review: Shooting Modes:

An extensive variety of shooting modes are accessible, with both AVCHD and MP4 alternatives. The AVCHD 2.0 alternatives go from 5Mbits/sec at 1,440 x 1,080, to Full HD at 17 and 24Mbits/sec, and afterward a 28Mbits/sec 50p Full HD mode also. One can record uncompressed LPCM sound with the main two quality modes as well.

The MP4 alternatives are considerably broader. There is a 35Mbits/sec 50p Full High Definition mode, in addition to 17 and 24Mbits/sec Full HD at 25p. In any case, you can likewise catch at 720p with a 4Mbits/sec information rate, and 640 x 360 at 3Mbits/sec. You can likewise pick between 50i intertwined and PF25 dynamic casing rate choices, albeit just with AVCHD, as MP4s are constantly dynamic.

Alternately when you are accessing MP4 mode no one but you can empower a 2x fast or 0.5 moderate recording. Essentially this implies 50p footage is recorded at 25p, giving double the playback speed & 25p footage recorded at 50p, for edge flawless moderate movement. You could make these impacts with 50p footage amid altering, however the second of these modes implies you can record 50p footage at a compelling 48Mbits/sec, so picture quality will improve.

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Controls:

Then again, the G30 goes above and beyond still. Beside the lens ring is a dial that can be provided with a mixed bag of capacities by means of a nearby modifiable catch. There are five other modifiable catches specked around the body, despite the fact that the two on the edge of the LCD switch manual centering and PRE REC of course, and the one underneath the LCD to the back is the menu back catch.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 4

You can arrange these to have a mixed bag of option capacities, and there are two all the more on the back of the camcorder. And in addition the 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD, there’s a joystick on the back, and a capacity catch. Generally, the G30 has more discrete control choices than even the Panasonic HC-X920, which does the G30’s accreditations no mischief by any means.

There are various manual settings accessible, beginning with the choice to change from Automatic to program automatic screen need, gap need, completely manual or one of the 10 scene options. You can likewise choose a Cinema mode with around nine channel alternatives, from a normal look to striking, marvelous or high contrast. This option doesn’t give you a chance to utilize the picture impacts, yet you can even now pick the same modes as in manual operation, aside from the scene options.

Discussing the picture impacts, these permit you to change shading profundity, sharpness, difference and shine physically in five stages between the numbers -2 and 2. Program auto options provide you a fundamental presentation setting, whilst alternate alternatives differently empower screen speeds from 1/2 to 1/2000th, gaps from F1.8 to F8, yet there are likewise ND channels from 1/2 to 1/8 inside of the reach, and feature pick up to 18dB is accessible independently as well.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 5

The VIXIA G30 has not one but rather two extra shoes. One of them is the exclusive “S” Mini Advanced Shoe, so perfect with the Canon embellishments utilized over the shopper range. This is secured by with the help of a plastic spread. Yet, there is additionally a standard-sized embellishment shoe towards the front of the gadget, so one can connect outsider mouthpieces, lights, and different connections.

There exists mini-jacks for connecting the earphones and an outside amplifier. About the main component isolating the G30 from section level proficient camcorders is the absence of XLR sound associations. There is also a 2.5mm LANC mini-jack for wiring remote control, albeit no simple feature information is given. You presumably won’t have any desire to utilize the LANC association, as there are various different choices for remote control, beginning with an infrared manufactured controller supplied in the crate.

Be that as it may, the G30 additionally takes after current patterns and incorporates Wi-Fi manufactured system. There is no devoted Android or iOS application that connects and the G30 isn’t perfect with the applications for the 2nd tier VIXIA camcorders. Rather, the gadget serves a site of its own that you can point your cell phone or other gadget at. This shows a live review, albeit over Wi-Fi its somewhat deferred.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 6

In normal mode, the control site provides you a chance to zoom in and out and switch recording. In future mode, you can likewise conform center, iris, screen and feature pick up. By and large, there exists an exceptionally helpful level of control accessible here, despite the fact that the advanced mode is somewhat fiddly on a cell phone, and is more qualified to a tab device. The G30 includes a GPS support as well, yet just with a discretionary GP-E2 embellishment that is additionally perfect with a determination of EOS advanced cameras.

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Image Quality:

The G30 gives picture quality as one would expect at a camcorder at this cost. Shading and point of interest are staggering in sunlight conditions, with the G30 adapting great to the high complexities made by the uniquely sunny summer we have been living in England.Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder 3

Low light execution is likewise extraordinary, with brilliant and sans grain footage caught at low levels of brightening. The 100W roof light test was unrivaled for the G30, and albeit Panasonic’s HC-X920 somewhat shades it for sheer low light execution generally the G30 gives proficient evaluation picture quality.

Should I buy Canon VIXIA HF G30?

Only if you’re not kidding about your video making abilities and would prefer not to pay the £2,000 in addition to needed for a section level proficient camcorder, the Canon VIXIA HF G30 would settle on an extremely legitimate decision. It consists of the most manual control choices of any present customer camcorder and until camcorders with DSLR-sized chips like Canon’s EOS C100 hit the sub-£1,500 classification, the G30 is well worth considering for occasion and corporate videography, educating, or as an auxiliary accident cam.


Quick Glance

Weight 900

Lens Features

Optical Zoom 20
Digital Zoom 400

Video Recording

Recording Media SD card
Video Capture Format AVCHD 2.0 and MP4
Max Video Res 1920 x 1080
Minimum Lux Rating 0.1
Image Stabilisation Optical Image Stabilisation Intelligent IS with Advanced Image Stabilisation

General Features

LCD Screen Size 3.5
On-board Storage 0
On-board Microphone Stereo

A/V ports

USB 2.0 Yes
Audio / Video Out Yes
Audio / Video In No
External Microphone Yes

Physical Specifications

Weight 900

Image Processor

Image Sensor 1/2.84-inch CMOS with 3.09Mpixels
Image Sensor Quantity 1

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Verdict:

The Canon VIXIA HF G30 might be expensive yet it provides the best range of non-automatic controls in any customer camcorder coupled with fantastic picture quality.


1- Extensive manual settings
2- Lens ring and assignable dial
3- Astounding picture quality


1- Very expensive.
2- Comparatively has a high weight.

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