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How to Choose the Perfect Portrait Lens


portrait-photography-01Amongst the availability of many versatile lenses out there, people tend to ask a very common question-How to choose the perfect portrait lens. This may not bother the professionals as much as it’s a headache for the amateurs.

Taking a quintessential shot of a miniature art or simply lets say a portrait, doesn’t only requires skills-but yes there is a huge role of the lenses used.

So now the quiery arises, that what to exactly look for a perfect lens for portrait photography. Well to eliminate that chaos for you, we have compiled this amazing information, dig in to feed your brain and knowledge and get yourself well trained, the next time you decide on buying a portrait lens.

1. What about the lenses you already own?

Now before getting started, what to do with all those previous lenses you own? ‘’Probably lock them away off course!”…well if that’s your answer, then I’m afraid you’re wrong….!

There is much of a chance that you already own a lens that could very well perform the specific function for you a.k.a serve as a portrait lens off course.

If you happen to have the following type of lenses in your collection, then you are good for the portrait photography-no need to spend those extra bucks on buying a new one. Do you own a 50mm prime, or does a 100mm macro lens happen to fool around in your lens kit? Or consider the 70-300mm zoom lens instead- if amongst all of the lenses mentioned, you tend to have a single one of them or if your answer was yes for all of them, then my fellow mate, you are good to go- combine these lenses, the next time you decide to shot a portrait, and they will simply never disappoint you.

2. Do you need a zoom lens or a prime?

canon-18-55mm-lensThe tug between the zoom over the prime has long been over-congrats to the prime lens on getting an upper hand. If you’re reading this then you must know that, instead of buying an inexpensive zoom lens, you should rather invest in an inexpensive prime-If why is what you’re asking me right now, then I’ll be pleased to shower you with the facts.

Blessed with a wider maximum aperture, Prime lenses are excellent with creating images with shallow depth-of-field-well that’s one advantage over the zoom lens.

Secondly a Prime will simply never leave your back during low light conditions-talk about the friendship.

And last but not the least, producing images with a sharper contrast and less flare is a Prime’s bread and butter.

3. What’s your budget?

Budget is the major factor in many of our daily life purchases. But are you among those you prefer quality over price? Then you my Sir are a wise person…!

Since the quality lenses will obviously cost you more and they may upset your pocket a bit, but they’ll surely never upset that professional click of yours.

Since quality lenses will give sharper more radiant shot results with a minimum flare, it’s always a smart deal to invest-in a little bit, so you could save yourself from future misery.

4. What focal lengths do you require?

Now comes the focal length- but is it something which you’ll decide? Well the answer to this is a big NO! That is because it depends mainly on the size of your camera’s sensor.

Since you’re reading this, you would probably be very well aware of the fact that the lenses can be categorized in four types, right! So do a bit of googling in regards to which lens suits you most, like for example your heart supports a prime or a zoom, so whatever the end result might be, the respective models would be available for your camera and ready to be used by you.

Wide-angle lenses

If you desire to shot a portrait, but also want the surroundings to include in, the Wide-angle lenses are probably the answer.

They allow to give you some excellent results for the environmental photography by taking in all the exotic beauty-while they may not be as suitable for the close up portraits, they still are the best.

Normal lenses

So what does a normal lens stands for in the language of photography-the one with a focal length of 50mm on a full frame camera off course.

These normal lenses being a blend in between the wide-angle and short telephoto lenses, gives quite some amazing results, which for some, are relatable to the result of a human eye-quite a claim isn’t it…!

They can be a good choice for those close up portraits and ever cherished selfies (psst do you know obsession with selfies are considered as a mental disorder?-well, just saying), but can as well give you some distortions.

Short telephoto lenses

Where to start with short telephoto lenses, which are also referred to as the ‘’Portrait lenses’’, quite well, get their justification from the name itself

Being an exemplary election for the close up portraits, it will simply not disappoint its user with any kind of distortion.

Another plus to the short telephoto lenses is that, it could be zoomed out to take in the whole figure or the scenery under consideration

The focal length they own is an ideal one, and if your short telephoto happens to be a prime lens as well, then it takes the photography to a whole new level-but it does goes heavy on the wallet.

85mm prime lens is mostly considered a favorite for portraits, but everyone has their own preferences- What’s your favorite prime lens? We’ll be glad to hear about it…!

Telephoto lenses

Telephoto lenses- The ideal match for the fashion industry. Ever wondered why those cover models happen to be so prominent while the other details are so compressed? Well then, telephoto lenses is the answer to your curiosity.

Though they may be expensive, they also tend to be bulky and heavy as well.

On the other side, you can get your hands on some inexpensive zoom lenses, if you prefer to….!portrait-photography-06

Selecting a focal length

Selecting a focal length can be a tough job. Take it from me, if you would just go to the dealer without any prior choices, you could probably end with the undesirable product.

So how to root it out- Simple, do a lot and lot of survey. You may be saying that it’s an obvious thing, but believe me; it can save you heartache.

If you are aware of the sites as Flickr etc., then visit them as you please and read out loud all the features that appeal to you, mark them out. And then look out for the popular choices of the photographers amongst your marked preferences, you’ll probably then end up with some satisfying product.85mm-lens-favourite02

My thoughts

So it’s time for my part of the section. Let me entertain you very specifically that what choices do I prefer-or a list of best selected lenses.

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 is my top priority in the line of prime lenses, for portrait photography.

My next priority will most probably be a 24mm prime lens- I have always preferred Prime over zoom because of the image quality, which many of you here will agree on. But if your choice is else wise, the go on, everyone us has a right to choose anyways.

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