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How to Take Awesome Self Portraits


Self portraits are difficult to capture because a number of reasons; you can’t see yourself to know how you look. The setup is usually very time consuming because of running back and forth for setting timers. Focus is difficult because again you can’t see where that focus point is resting and if you are using a timer mode there is a chance you weren’t in the frame when the camera was focusing.

But on the other hand, their are many benefits of self portraits too like you get full control over how, where and when the photo is taken.

The passage below will explain the important things to consider in order to capture a flattering self portrait. How to Take Flattering Self Portraits

Location for Self Portraits

The location is very important aspect of capturing a perfect self perfect. Because the place where you capture your photo says something about you whenever people look at it. For instance, an important event happened in your life which you want to convey through a portrait like the birth of a baby by capturing the portrait in the baby’s room or a new job by capturing the portrait in the office.

Find the Best Angle

Most of the people think of it like some kind of a joke, but it’s best to find which side of the face looks best, because all the faces aren’t as symmetric as they appear to be.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should become keen on finding your best side but, you should also pay attention to the height your photo has been taken. Pointing upwards doesn’t do any favors to the double chin of most people, and it’s not a good look either to capture head on, or facing down. How to Take Self Portraits

Where to put the Camera

To set the camera on tripod or handheld is the important question. This is because if you’re using a tripod, then this makes for much more consistant results, however it may take longer duration as you have to go back to the camera to check on the results, and wait for the self timer to capture the image.

If you want the process to be fast, then it is better to connect the camera to a TV, and use a remote as a trigger so that you can see how you look while you’re taking photos. How to Take Awesome Self Portraits

If you go for shooting handheld, remember that it’s harder to get the result that you want, and the camera is going to be much closer than it would be with a tripod.

Use a Mirror

Generally, a smile looks better when a person is looking into a mirror, as compared to the smile for a photo. So, it is suggested to stare at a mirror while you’re capturing a photo, or better still, point the camera into the mirror at your face, so you can’t even tell there’s a mirror there.

Where to Look

If you look straight into the camera, you create eye contact with the viewer, but if you look away, they will follow your eyes and look in the same direction.


Emotions have a huge role in capturing a perfect self portrait. The more emotion a person displays, the better the photo will be. self_portraits_2016_by_green_jam-d3bheyy

If you want your photos to look boring, then act bored. The facial and body expressions you make are huge in setting the tone of the photo. This is where having a connected setup wit TV can really help as you will be able to see results.


Natural lighting conveys a completely different mood and it’s much more relaxed and easy to look at, so again, you can express different emotions and moods through natural lighting or you can also use a flash to convey other kinds of moods.


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