The basic concept of brightness in photography relies on the exposure of light. Exposure is the amount of light hitting on the image sensor of the camera. The more light that enters the image sensor, the brighter the image. If the exposure of light on the image sensor is less, then your image will be too dark. This article will guide you through how to use different exposure.

Following are some of the camera exposure options and methods that tell you how to use different exposure that would prove to be very handy.Different Exposure in Digital Camera


Majority of the digital cameras present make adjustment for you utilizing the automatic exposure settings that automatically help you in using different exposure on Digital Camera.


Many cameras allow the use of different exposure on Digital Camera. The user has to set the shutter speed or the aperture reading manually, and then the rest of the settings are accomplished by the camera itself.


This may allow you to set the settings regarding different exposure on DSLR. This helps in getting good quality result in lowlight.

Sensor Based:

There are some digital cameras which don’t utilize a traditional shutter speed or aperture settings to control exposures. On the other hand the chips in the image sensor array could turn on and off for various intervals of time which ends up camera clicking images more or less light.

Chip based:

Some cameras allow controlling the exposure by tinkering with the strength of the electrical charge that is emitted by a chip. This is done in response to a particular strength of light.