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Nikon D7200 First Look – Hands On


If Canon can accomplish something miraculous, Nikon can do it equally good if not better. The camera manufacturer’s latest extra ordinary mid-range DSLR gadget offers latest features compared to its predecessor D7100. The stylish Nikon D7200 is priced to be at a mammoth total of $939.00 (body only).

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR w/ 18-140mm VR Lens (Black) Review

Nikon put its followers to somewhat of a surprise last morning as they announced their latest invention D7200 which will replace D7100 at the top of company’s DX format range and offers a lot of promise. Nikon D7100 scored an impressive ‘Gold’ by different critics online and if their latest machine is built on the success of D7100 it is expected to score as much if not more.Nikon D7200 First Look - Front View

Nikon D7200 First Look:

Although D7200 has to offer many cool new features but it will be more legit to term it as a case of evolution than a complete overhaul of old features. The camera inducts the NFC technology that assists in connecting it with a similar NFC incorporating device with the help of a single touch. This is one of its highlighted new features. So, once it’s connected, the professionals can conveniently throw images with the help of a simple touch.

Just like D7100, D7200 still possesses the Wi-Fi technology which contributes in transferring and communication between the two devices. Not to forget that the same Wi-Fi technology hands over the wireless control of the camera’s shoot settings.

Nikon-D7200-DX-format-DSLR-Body-Black-0Nikon do have the tendency of modifying their latest products in regards to their previous successful models. For instance the company claims of borrowing a host of under the bonnet capabilities of Nikon’s precious ‘FX’ series of DSLRs. This was the series which is still bowed by the professional camera enthusiasts.  How exactly was that accomplished? The answer is that your new D7200 Nikon beauty would be able to capture the focus in lightening conditions as low as -3EV. Nikon have stated that these capabilities will be able to process image capturing in challenging conditions as well as will aid in video capturing. Staggering isn’t it?

Nikon have revolutionized the video capturing abilities in every new model that they’ve proposed into the market. Same goes for the Nikon D7200 which incorporates a specific and dedicated movie capturing menu display that consists of a modified audio and Picture Control options which the professionals could set according to their own desire.

Furthermore the Nikon D7200 inducts the previous DX type, 24.2MP sensor but the modification and improvement in the EXPEED 4 image processors guarantees a much sharper and brilliant image quality. Not to ignore the improved shutter speed of 6fps.


The camera might not offer jaw dropping improvements on its predecessor but the changes will solely be welcomed by the professionals and camera enthusiasts. Those professionals who welcome quick connectivity for the transfer of the images will be extremely chuffed by the inclusion and implementation of the NFC technology.

This beauty will be in the market on 19th of March, 2015. So make sure to get your Credit Cards and Cash ready as this will cost the consumers a price around ₤939.99 body only or ₤1, 1939.00 with a 10-105mm Nikon lens.

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

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  • 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor
  • No Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF)
  • 51 point autofocus system
  • 6 frames per second (fps) shooting capacity
  • EXPEED 4 image processing

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22 new
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