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Panasonic HC-V770 Review

Panasonic HC-V770 Review

Key Features:

20x optical zoom.
50x iZoom; Hybrid OIS+ with Active Mode.
OIS Lock and Level Shot.
1/2.3in BSI CMOS with 12.76 megapixels.
AVCHD 2.0 and MP4 group at up to 1080/50p at 28Mbits/sec.

Pros: Cons:
The camera has a decent value.
It comprises of a Comprehensive manual settings with control dial.
It additionally has Wi-Fi availability.
The camera doesn’t possess a lens ring.
The camera comprises of a sensor which is little contrasted with a DSLR.
It doesn’t give you a 4K video recording.

What is the Panasonic HC-V770?

The HC-V770 can be termed as the Panasonic’s best HD-just camcorder. Its leader models which are the HC-VX870 and HC-WX970 have climbed to 4K.


In case that you don’t anticipate your shooting moving to the better resolution at any point in the near future, the HC-V770 might just be everything you need. There are still a lot of top of the line highlights on offer, but this is an extensively less expensive than the 4K models.

Panasonic HC-V770 – Specs and Features:

HC-V770 is centred on the similar 1/2.3in back-enlightened CMOS with 12.76 megapixels as its predecessors. Just 6.03 megapixels are used for video or photographs then again, that is thrice the time powerful than what is required for HD recording. The additional sensor determination joins customary OIS with in-body sensor adjustment and is utilized for the Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization.

This plainly recommends that the camera can make up for even, vertical, and rotational development along the hub combined with vertically and on a level plane.

The HC-V770’s highest point resolution is an impressive 1080p full HD which forms during 50 progressive frames in one second. Those MP4 alternative features additionally give the luxury of shooting at a 720p and its iFrame utilization of 960 x 540 resolution moves at a speed of 25 progressive frames a second coupled with 28Mbits/sec information rate. This needs the minimum Forceful layering of every last bit.

Panasonic HC-V770

The slow motion choice is accessible that records videos at a nice 100fps. Panasonic’s Crystal Engine video processor then interjects this up to 200fps which is twice that of past models. The users can turn this on for all time, or only give the luxury to connect with it by means of an onscreen button. The HC-V770 still incorporates a full scope of Wi-Fi abilities in spite of the under-£500 cost. It permits you control the camcorder and utilization it as a child screen or an observation camera.

The camera likewise has a Wireless Twin choice which mentors you through synchronizing your cell phone. Afterwards, the Panasonic Image App changes to Twin Camera mode.

This will likewise function with another model of Panasonic camera that incorporates a Wi-Fi network. It functioned admirably during the testing and we truly believe this is more valuable than the inherent optional camera of higher-end models manufactured by Panasonic, on the grounds that the core camera and Twin Camera can be coordinated completely freely.

Panasonic HC-V770 – Design, Controls and Usability:

The chassis outline of the HC-V770 is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to the HC-W850 except for the fact that it is additionally an element in the new HC-WX970. In spite of the reality it’s a decent expansion however it is not really fundamental to the center capacity of shooting video.

The HC-V770 is entirely charming to hold when you’re shooting given both hands. The dominant part of capacities is monitored by means of the touchscreen LCD.

Shutter paces vary from 1/25 or 1/50 to a staggering 1/8000th. The iris is supposed to range from F1.8 coupled with the lens completely wide when zoomed into F16. These can be balanced autonomously, and can go up to 18dB of video addition which then later can be added to a completely open shade or shutter.

Panasonic HC-V770 – Design Controls and Usability

The pictures released are sharp, rich in colour and has a bit of white balance in them. The camera also consists of an Intelligent Mode which can only be accessed with the help of a touchscreen just because utilizing the dial would make switch it to the manual.

Aside from the manual, intelligent mode and the intelligent plus mode, the camera consists of a special effects section that holds the impressive miniature effects such as the silent movie, time lapse and the very cool 8mm Movie effect. The intervals in these modes can range from a nice one second to two minutes.

The Slow Motion has its own different section which consists of 11 scene modes. Last but not the least we have the HDR mode and that is a development of intelligent contrast that brings about the details in a shadow subject of the photograph. There’s an opening in the back for a connector or an adapter and it doesn’t have an accessory shoe on the body itself. A connector or an adapter is incorporated into the case, and it slides into give this luxury whenever it is required.

There’s a multi-receiver exhibit at the camcorder’s front that permits it to record 5.1 surrounding sound, however in the event that you need to utilize an outer mouthpiece on the remote amplifier, there’s a stereo jack right underneath the LCD board. One smaller mini-jack by the lens gives earphone availability so you can screen sound level and the quality together.

Panasonic HC-V770 – Image Quality:

The Panasonic camcorders have provided exceptional quality for a long time and the HC-V770 isn’t any different as it has provided sharp picture quality warranting to the tests. Rich Colours and good lightning vouch for the quality image standards.

The best part is that the quality of the image is throughout maintained as the illumination in the surroundings is lowered. HC-V770 showcases no signs of struggle when you test it in a bright environment or even when you’re recording an indoor average lightning family event.

Panasonic HC-V770 buy

The Slow Motion provides a soft footage and lacks the detailing compared to the non-slow motion pictures. That probably depends on the frame interpretation but the footage is smooth and clean regardless.

Should I buy VC-H770?

Yes! If you don’t really require the need of the 4K recording, this camcorder is a fantastic choice. The image quality provided by it is very good along with it comprehensive set of manual options which incorporate some cool features with in. It is a great choice for its price.


Considering that your budget doesn’t help you stretch out for a 4K camera, the Panasonic H-V770 offers quality image standard, rich colors and a FULL HD Recording which is sure to impress the purchaser.

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