The Samsung NX500 is one of the best cameras manufactured by the company and incorporates the same 28 MP sensor as present in the advanced NX1 but packed in a more compact body. But whether the camera offers the exact same image quality as its predecessor? Read the following Samsung NX500 Review to find out.

Samsung NX500 28 MP Wireless Smart Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens (Black)

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Samsung NX500 Review:

Even after a number of years of not so impressive NX compact system series manufactured by the Samsung, Samsung pulled out a masterstroke with NX1 device which incorporates a 28 MP sensor coupled with the on chip detection mechanism. The magnificent device possesses an excellent ability of continuous shooting and focusing abilities with a bonus feature of 4K HD recording too.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-1

With the latest Samsung NX500, the manufacturers have taken up the sensor technology to another level and have fitted it into a cheaper camera. The much less complicated Drime Vs Processor does trim the specifications a bit, and yet are very similar.

Samsung NX500 Features:

Comparing the sensitivity of the Samsung NX500 with other APS-C sensor models, its ISO range covers from 100 to 512000 which are not only broader than the APS-C sensor models but much more impressive. The camera also features a widely useful and a highly modifiable ISO system. Samsung NX500 is renowned for its wonderful Samsung NX500 image quality special at the lower sensitivity readings for e.g. at ISO 800. Not to forget that the quality at ISO 1600 and 3200 is also very handy. But just like other cameras, higher ISO readings like 12800 to 51200 are better avoided.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0

Another impressive feature that wasn’t discussed as yet was the continuous shooting ability of the device which goes up to an impressive 9 frames per second. This ability of the camera also allows it to track focus of the moving subjects with success. The camera also incorporates the picture wizard menu which allows instilling plethora of color features for e.g. Landscape and Vivid settings coupled with a mind blowing Classic monochrome mode.

Samsung NX500 Video:

As stated earlier that the camera is capable of providing the video recording an impressive 4K resolution despite of processing it with the help of central area of the sensor which results in a magnificent 1.7x field-of-view crop. The resulting footage is pretty amazing and consists of higher quality your daily Full HD output despite of being viewed on a standard Full HD TV. But this does occupy more card storage and is very tough to edit.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-5

Image viewing is done through the help of a 1.04 M dot Super AMOLED rear screen, which assists tilting up to face for the self-portraits. It also includes a slick touch sensitivity system for camera image play back and controlling the camera and that too with a stylish interface as we’d expect from the manufacturers. The camera has also gained praises for its color accuracy but the brightness is needed to be raised for utilizing the camera in the bright sunlight.

NX500 has been designed in a way that makes it convenient for the consumers to use it for example the decent array of controls present at the exterior make it swift to operate. The prominent handgrip attached to the Samsung NX500 makes it very easy for the photographers to handle and utilize. The two command dials assist in modifying the exposure settings but sadly they are too recessed inside the camera’s build and make it uneasy and less pleasant for the consumers to operate.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-6

The camera doesn’t incorporate any built in flash but there exists a small external unit which is supplied with the device and slides down on the hot shoe. Although this does help taking larger external flash units but unlike most of other famous camera devices the absence of the electronic viewfinder is a bit hurting.

Samsung NX500 Image Quality:


The default setting of the camera provides the photographers with an accurate but a minimal bland color renditioning in the JPEG format. The device manages to regain the color rendition pretty efficiently but at a certain ISO reading of 6400 it starts to decline.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-8


The 28 MP sensor of the Samsung NX500 is the maximum resolution available for APS-C based devices and offers high detail of images. The camera possesses ability of offering 3800 LPH at ISO 100 which gently drops down to 3200 and keeps dropping off very fast after that.


Samsung NX500 offers close to no noise at 100 – 800 ISO but the noise starts to influence the image quality of fine detail at 1600 ISO and goes destructive after that.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-14


The camera has to offer a variety of qualities that include a staggering quality image sensor, impressive Samsung NX500 features, slick design and interface and a remarkable autofocus technology. The device has a lot to offer for those who want to travel without much burden and don’t want to compromise on the image quality. The cameras extended control features would appeal and attract most camera enthusiasts and the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and touchscreen connectivity features make it very accessible for/through the smartphones.

The packed 16 to 50 mm kit zoom with the aperture of f/3.5-5.6 provides a very pleasing image quality and vouches for Samsung’s NX lens power. However the Samsung NX500 is bound to face very strong challenge from less expensive competitors such as the Sony Alpha 5100 and Fujifilm X-A2.Samsung-Electronics-NX500-28-MP-Wireless-Smart-Compact-System-Camera-with-Included-Kit-Lens-Black-0-13

Pros and Cons 0f Samsung NX500:

Just like any other camera, Samsung NX500 has its own pros and cons which are present as follows:


Samsung NX500 is thought to possess the ability of providing an excellent image quality. The autofocus is pretty brisk and precise coupled with high quality 4K video HD recording.


The camera just like some other devices lacks an electronic viewfinder and the small control dials are also present which makes it a bit difficult to operate. Furthermore the LCD installed in the camera makes it difficult to be seen in the Sunlight.

Samsung NX500 28 MP Wireless Smart Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens (Black)

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Samsung NX500 28 MP Wireless Smart Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens (White)


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