Sony has gradually made its mark along with the giants of DSLR manufacturers Nikon and Conon in the camera world. Sony does have a knack for producing cameras that will share a host of core specifications but yet look different. So we set out on a research and decided to undergo a comparison of Sony A5000 vs Sony A58. This comparison will give you a clear idea regarding the functionality of Sony A5000 vs Sony A58.

Comparison of Sony A5000 vs Sony A58 suggests that both of these cameras are matched in prices and have similar basic functionality.

Comparison of Sony A5000 vs Sony A58:

Sony A5000:

The latest news on the street regarding the price of Sony A5000 is that is available for around $300. The camera boasts an impressive APS-C CMOS image sensor of 20.1 MP which performs well under low light. The camera also incorporates a high quality 3 inch LCD tiltable screen which is very handy for shooting videos on the go. The camera is able to record FULL HD video at an impressive rate of 60i/24p. Other features include the BIONZ X image processor built-in Wi-Fi technology and NFC connectivity.

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Sony A58:

The word on the streets for the price of Sony A58 confirms its availability for $320 which is slightly pricier than the aforementioned camera. The device incorporates a similar APS-C CMOS image sensor of 20.1 MP, a 2.7 inch 461k tilting TFT LCD screen and FULL HD video capturing ability of 50i/24p with a BIONZ image processor that shoots at a rate of 8fps. The major change in Sony A58 is the inclusion of an electronic viewfinder, unlike the Sony A5000.

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Sony A5000 vs. Sony A58 Comparison in Detail:

Both the cameras are very good choices for interchangeable lens compatibility on a tight budget. The design of both the devices are a lot different than one another as A5000 belongs to the manufacturer’s CSC category while the other to the SLT and as mentioned earlier, both the cameras share the same APS- C image sensor.

Both the cameras despite having notable similarities have notable differences. The 461k resolution tiltable screen exists in both but the A5000 3 inch LCD makes it slightly better than the A58 one. However, the A58 possesses an added bonus of an electronic viewfinder.

Despite of the fact that A58 possesses a poor autofocus set up of 15-point to 25-point, it makes up for it by providing a continuous shooting range of 8 fps compared to the 3.5 fps offered by the A5000 while the A5000 features the built-in Wi-Fi and the impressive inclusion of NFC connectivity.

As it is quite evidently difficult to separate the two with each offering something different from the other, the size of A5000 might be the deciding factor as it is much smaller and half the weight of A58. So if you’re looking for something compact and easy to travel, A5000 will be your deal breaker.


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