cameras that won Oscars in 2017

Did you know there are cameras which got Oscars too? During the 89th Oscars were given out in the month of the Scientific and Technical Awards. Notably, four cameras received a standing ovation for ushering a new era of digital age filmmaking.

Want to know which cameras these are? Read on…

#4. Panavision Genesis

Sony and Panavision combine to come up with the design for this magnificent camera. The Genesis digital camera is a great invention motion picture.  It has now become one of the most popular cameras for cinematography.

#3. Sony F65 CineAlta

Sony F65 CineAltaSony came up with this unique camera having an out of this world sensor. This camera gives true meaning to Raw recording capability.

#2. RED Epic

The Red Digital Cinema got an award for its Red Epic. All thanks to its full-frame sensors which are upgradeable. The Red Epic was used on the set of award winning blockbusters like Hidden Figures and Hacksaw Ridge. These went on to get nominated for awards.

#1. Arri Alexa

ARRI_ALEXA_SXT_PlusThis camera masterpiece takes the number one slot. ARRI got honored because of its pioneer design and engineered Super 35 format Alexa Digital camera.

Arri Alexa cameras were used extensively on nominated and award winning chartbusters. These include Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Arrival, Lion, and Hell or High Water.