Home News Atomos Unveils Ninja Inferno an Off-Camera Recorder

Atomos Unveils Ninja Inferno an Off-Camera Recorder

Atomos unveils Ninja Inferno an off-camera recorder

Atomos has released the Ninja Inferno, its latest line of off-camera recorder made for video shooting. The Ninja Inferno comes with the exact features as Atomos’ top line Shogun Inferno. These include a 1500 nit display having 10-bit color and 4k/60p recording. It also can also directly record to DNxHR or ProRes formats.

Ninja Inferno is fitted with the company’s Atom HDR technology. It makes this gadget able to match Log curves from leading camera makers. It works well for the Ninja’s display to show full Log signal on its HDR screen. It means movie makers can see vibrant real life colors as it records the Log.

A significant difference between the Ninja Inferno and the Shogun Inferno is that Atomos has done away with some features. High-end video equipment is necessary to shooters but not utilized by mirrorless and DSLR movie makers. These include Genlock, SDI plugs, plus Raw recording functions. It makes the Atomos able to make Ninja inferno available at a high price it goes for $995 when you compare to the Shogun’s $1995.

A combination of Atomos Ninja Inferno and the new PanasonicGH5 makes a compelling combination for any filmmaker. Atomos is marketing Ninja Inferno as its ultimate accessory for the latest Panasonic GH5. The company has a sound reason for this. The Ninja Inferno matches well with the Panasonic GH5’s 10-bit signal including the Log video. As the GH5 does not have SDI ports or capture Raw videos, photographers miss out on those features with the Ninja Inferno. They will benefit at an incredibly low price.


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