10 Best Camcorders 2021

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The list consists of Best Camcorders on the market, and while you may think that they are expensive, most of the ones we are reviewing are less pricey.

For those who don’t know, camcorders are basically cameras that are used to capture and record video, apart from this one purpose, these camcorders don’t really serve any other purpose, but despite, they are known to be one of the most sold-out video equipment known to us.

Just like any other camera, the camcorder market is quite large and saturated, and while companies like Canon, Sony, and Panasonic have had their domains set up in this department too, people still end up getting confused because there’s so much to choose from.

In order to make sure that the readers don’t face a lot of confusion while selecting the best camcorder, they are looking for in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

10 Best Camcorders 2021

1. Canon VIXIA HF R700 HD Camcorder

  • Record up to 1920 x 1080/60p Video
  • Canon 3.28MP Full HD CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor
  • AVCHD & MP4 Recording Formats
  • 57x Advanced Zoom & SuperRange O.I.S.
  • Capacitive 3″ LCD Touch Panel Display
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
  • Intelligent IS with Four Shooting Modes
  • Highlight Priority Mode
  • Fast & Slow Motion Recording
Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

Canon VIXIA HF R700 is one of the best available in the market, and while it may not be giving you 4K video recording, do keep in mind that 4K recording isn’t as easily accessible as some may think, and even the 4K video recorded on smartphones doesn’t look as good.

This camcorder tops up at 1080p at 60 frames per second, and while it may sound underwhelming to some, wait till you hear the good things about this. For starters, it has a fantastic 57x zoom, and while some cameras ruin the video when zooming in, the powerful zoom on this retains everything.

While the camcorder doesn’t really have a lot of advanced features, it is the basic amount of features that work together so well, creating a video recording experience that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Seriously, you could go ahead and create your very own short films on this camera, and they would turn out to be amazing. After all, a camera is half as good as the person using it.

Needless to say, for your family outing, or events, the Canon VIXIA HF R700 is perhaps one of the best options for you. It has got a fantastic zoom, amazing video quality, a great set of features, an amazing battery life, and a really good UI that’s both intuitive and refreshing.

The only real thing that’s lacking from this is the fact that this doesn’t come with built-in WiFi.

2. Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Camcorder

  • 4K Ultra HD 24/30p & 16.6MP Stills
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 26.8mm Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* Zoom Lens
  • 20x Optical Zoom & 40x Clear Image Zoom
  • Balanced Optical SteadyShot
  • Fast Intelligent AF
  • High Speed 120 fps Recording
  • 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen / 0.24″ Color EVF
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Microphone
  • Wi-Fi / NFC Connectivity
Sony FDRAX53/B 4K Camcorder

Sony FDRAX53/B 4K Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

Sony has had quite an illustrated career in the camera industry, they have been around since the time small cassettes were used to record videos. Decades later, Sony has become one of the leading manufacturers of the flagship camcorders.

Today, we have the fantastic Sony FDRAX53/B on our hand, and right out of the bad, we would like to let you know that, this is capable of recording videos in stunning 4K, however, there is a tradeoff in that, something we’ll discuss later.

Considering how this is a 4K capable camera, the overall footprint is larger than what we normally see on the other camcorders, but it’s not overwhelmingly large and uncomfortable. In addition to that, the overall construction speaks quality and feels premium, something we’ve expected from Sony.

Do keep in mind that Sony isn’t trying to replace any of their currents with this model, it’s just a standalone product available in the market, and it’s actually doing quite well despite the higher price tag.

This prosumer grade camcorder welcomes you with a lot of features, you are getting a well-made ring that is used to control a lot of features such as the zoom, shutter speed, IRIS, focus, shutter speed, and other similar features to begin with.

Another great thing about this camcorder is obviously the fact that you’re also getting WiFi and NFC built right into it, and a nice feature allows you to connect multiple Sony 4k Camera together, and shoot simultaneously, while it may sound like a gimmick, it’s a great feature that can result in some incredibly shot footage.

3. Panasonic HC-VX981K Ultra HD Camcorder

  • 4K Ultra HD Video at 24/30 fps
  • 1/2.3″ BSI MOS Sensor
  • 20x Leica Dicomar Optical Zoom Lens
  • Wireless Multi-Camera Support
  • 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ and Level Shot
  • 3.0″ Touchscreen LCD
  • In-Camera 4K Cropping and Editing
  • Capture Stills from 4K Video Frames
  • HDR Movie Mode
PANASONIC HC-VX981K 4K Camcorder

PANASONIC HC-VX981K 4K Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

We are standing at a point where seeing some sort of revolution in video cameras doesn’t really seem possible. The main reason behind that is rather simple, video cameras have evolved a lot, and currently, the number of features they are offering are being recycled by every other manufacturer, as a matter of fact, in every other camera too.

The Panasonic HCVX981K Ultra HD is basically a professional camcorder on the list that comes with the support for 4K video recording, and while 4K is still not a thing that people can use comfortably, it’s nice to have that feature onboard just in case.

The overall video quality of this camera remains impressive, with a total of 18.91 megapixels in effect, it is one of the best in 2020 that we have managed to test to that. There are a lot of new features including the amazing Panasonic picture-in-picture feature that lets you have great control over the camera, and some of the other notable features to begin with.

You’re also getting a pretty solid construction, and built-in WiFi, allowing you proper control over your video camera, just the way people prefer. However, not everything remains good with this as there are some downsides to it as well.

The battery, especially when recording the 4K video lasts only less than an hour, and that is something disappointing. Other than that, we really don’t have a lot of complaints with this camcorder as pretty much everything is spot on.

Overall, we have absolutely no complaints regarding the feature set, and believe that his video camera is one of the best in the market. Yes, there are some downsides like the average battery life, but overcome that and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing camcorder.

4. Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder

  • Capture Full HD 1920 x 1080p Video
  • Canon 2.37 Megapixel HD CMOS Pro Sensor
  • 32GB Memory & Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC Slots
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens
  • 3.5″ Widescreen Touch Panel LCD
  • 0.24″ Color Electronic Viewfinder
  • Dynamic SuperRange Optical Stabilization
  • Professional Shooting Assist Functions
  • Intelligent IS & Cinema-Look Filters
  • Audio Scene Select & Story Creator
Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

Canon has a pretty decent ensemble of video cameras, and right now, we are looking at another one from the VIXIA series. The G20 HD is basically a higher-end model from Canon that is pulling all the stops when it comes to being one of the best 2020 that are available in the market.

The video camera offers the same build quality that you normally see in the high-end video cameras, and that’s a good thing. You won’t be feeling any of the cheap materials that the companies usually cram in whenever they feel like. It feels good that Canon has decided to stick with the traditional design that is well known to the VIXIA series.

Moving on, the performance side of things remains pretty good, for those wondering, megapixel count really isn’t the biggest concern with video cameras mainly because you’re not going to use them for stills.

The camera is able to record videos at full HD, and while that may sound underwhelming to some, it’s actually more than enough, as this is the resolution most people are aiming at these days.

The video quality is actually pretty nice, and you have got yourself some nice controls in the camera as well, while nothing is all that flashy in the first place, Canon has managed to keep things simple, and well respected as well.

The camera can also record videos directly into the 32 gigs of flash memory, and in addition to that, you also have 2 dedicated memory card slots for added storage.

Overall, the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD is a well-rounded video camera, and while some of the basic features such as WiFi, and GPS are missing out of it, the overall experience and the performance of the camera remains unmatched, thanks to the amazing hardware that goes into it.

5. Sony HDR-CX455 HD Camcorder

  • 1080p Video up to 60 fps & 9.2MP Stills
  • 1/5.8″ Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 26.8mm Zeiss Vario-Tessar Zoom Lens
  • 30x Optical Zoom & 60x Clear Image Zoom
  • SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode
  • Fast Intelligent AF
  • XAVC S, AVCHD, and MP4 Recording Options
  • Interval Capture for Time-Lapse
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Microphone
  • Wi-Fi / NFC Connectivity
Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder

Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

Sony is back again with another best of 2020, and this time, we are looking at the aptly named Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405 Handycam, while the name is oddly long, and certainly a mouthful, this should be the only thing to worry about this amazing video camera.

Sony has been following a rather simple design language for most of their products, and while this video camera may look simple, and boring, it’s the build quality that matters. The overall build quality of this video camera happens to be amazing, with solid materials used all across the board.

The camera shoots at full HD resolution, and while it may not be the best resolution in the market, it’s Sony’s implementation and a combination of hardware/software princess that the camera performs so amazingly when shooting videos. The usual camera modes offered by Sony are all present there and in great conjunction with itself.

There are some basic features like the WiFi missing from this entry-level camcorder, but for those who really don’t care about such features, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Overall, the Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405 is a really, really good video camera for the price you are paying.

Sure, it’s not offering you advance features like the picture-in-picture, WiFi, or dual recording modes, but the fact that you can record stunning footage in full HD resolution is just an absolute treat. All you really need to do here is add in a speedy memory card, and start shooting videos, that’s how simple the process is.

6. Canon VIXIA HF R72 HD Camcorder

  • Record up to 1920 x 1080p60 Video
  • Canon 3.28MP Full HD CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor
  • Internal 32GB Flash Memory
  • 57x Advanced Zoom & SuperRange OIS
  • Dual Recording in AVCHD & MP4 Formats
  • Slow & Fast Motion Recording
  • Capacitive 3″ LCD Touch Panel Display
  • Highlight Priority Mode
  • Live Streaming to iOS & Android Devices
Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

The Canon VIXIA HF R72 is something we have been waiting for quite some time, this particular video camera has been on the radar for many videographers for quite some time, and today, we are going to find out whether or not all the wait was worth it.

The HF R72 covers up some of the much-needed features in the canon 4k camcorder, for starters, you’re getting a healthy 32 gigs of internal storage, in addition to that, you’re also getting the built-in WiFi, something that a lot of camcorders are normally missing out on.

In addition to that, a 3.28-megapixel sensor is capable of shooting videos at full HD resolution, and for those who are wondering about the relatively low pixel count, we have already stated the common misconception.

With said, for those doubting the recording prowess of this amazing video camera should know that the video camera performs exceptionally well in almost all the lighting cases and kind of makes us want to start shooting short films using this camera.

No, you’re not getting a DSLR level experience of videos, but what you’re getting is pretty significant, and way better than all the smartphones that ever so popularly can record on 4K.

Another amazing thing about this budget camcorder is obviously the UI, quite possibly one of the best user interfaces we have seen on a canon 4k camcorder, and we are pleased to announce that Canon has done an amazing job.

However, not everything is good about this, for starters, Canon didn’t find time to make changes to the video quality of this camera, as the videos that come out of it still look the same. However, do keep in mind that we are certainly not claiming that the video quality is bad as it happens to be one of the redeeming qualities.

7. Mevo Live Event Camera

  • Operation via Free iOS/Android App
  • 9 x 720p30 Virtual Camera Angles
  • 4K Sensor & 150° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Live Switching Between Camera Angles
  • Auto-Editing with Face Tracking
  • Table-Top or Tripod/Mic Stand Mountable
  • Built-In Stereo Microphones
  • Streaming & Sharing via Wi-Fi
  • Stream to Livestream and Facebook Live
  • Also Streams to Twitter and Periscope
Mevo - Live Event Camera

Mevo - Live Event Camera



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

We are now looking at something rather new, and intuitive, we are not entirely sure if we should be calling it a camcorder or a video camera, but it happens to be for the exact purpose. Say hello to Mevo! a rather small live stream camera that can be connected wirelessly to your iPhone in order to capture videos in 4K. How small? Well, it can fit in your palm.

Yes, the video camera is that small and has premium written all over it. Clearly, the manufacturer was looking at tapping into the iOS market considering how people are a fan of recording videos on their iPhones, this video camera is there to simply make things better.

This tiny video camera basically uses a 4K sensor in order to make sure that the videos that are shot through this camera look like as if they are shot through multiple cameras, however, you should know that that this is all done digitally, the overall effect, however, is quite convincing.

The video camera is controlled using an iOS app that is one of the best-made apps we have seen on a mobile phone and lets you control all the features of the camera including the shooting modes that are present in there.

The video camera also lets you live stream videos onto the website, or even Facebook, however, if that’s not your thing, you can simply save all the videos to the microSD card that goes into the camera.

However, as bold and unique as the project is, there are some small issues, for starters, the battery life is sub-par with video camera maxing out at just 1 hour, there’s no support for Android, and even though the camera is using 4K resolution, the actual quality only looks good when you’re viewing it on a mobile device.

8. Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder

  • Record Full HD Video and 24MP Stills
  • 1/2.3″ Back-Illuminated MOS Sensor
  • 20x Optical Zoom / 50x Intelligent Zoom
  • HYBRID OIS 5-Axis Image Stabilization
  • 1080p Slow Motion Video up to120 fps
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video Recording
  • Twin Cam with Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity
PANASONIC HC-V770 HD Camcorder

PANASONIC HC-V770 HD Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

We are almost coming close to the end of the list, and right now, we are going to take a look at a really amazing offering from Panasonic known as the HC-V770HD, now a lot of people don’t know, but as the name suggests, this camera actually shoots in full HD, but has some nice features built right into the overall functionality.

With that said, let’s get right into the video camera itself, Panasonic has done a pretty good job designing the HC-V77 HD, it actually looks premium, and holding it is even more fun than you’d normally find in some of the other camcorders.

The VC-V770HD offers an amazing 50x optical zoom, ensuring that people who want to get up close and personal with some of their shooting projects, have the best to work with. The overall video quality remains impressive across all the borders thanks to the amazing 12.76 megapixels BSI CMOS sensor that’s taking care of everything.

Another good thing about this top camcorder is that Panasonic has gone ahead and put in some really nice features in it including a fully manual mode with a lot of control, and a physical dial that helps you cycle between the modes simply and easily. In addition to that, you’re also getting pretty decent. IN addition to that, you’re also getting WiFi connectivity, something that should be added to all the video cameras.

Once you will start digging into the features, you will realize there is a handful of shooting modes that are being given by this camera, including a slow-motion mode that lets you capture some amazing slow-motion videos. The only thing that’s lacking from this camcorder is obviously the focus ring.

Overall, the Panasonic HC-V77D is a pretty neat HD camcorder, and while you can add a little more money and get the bigger brother that has support for 4K video recording, but if you don’t want to go that far, the Panasonic HC-V77D is how things should be.

9. Sony HDR-CX440 HD Camcorder

  • Full HD Video / 9.2MP Stills
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • Zeiss 30x Optical Zoom Lens
  • Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization
  • XAVC S Recoding, AVCHD, and MP4
  • 2.7″ Flip-Out LCD View Screen
  • Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Multicamera Control
Sony HDRCX440 Camcorder

Sony HDRCX440 Camcorder



Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

We understand that some of the cameras in the list are pretty expensive for the beginners, and there are a lot of readers that are looking for a budget camcorder, well, the good thing is that we have just one in our view. Say hello to the Sony HDRCX440B, a very simple, and brilliant that is there to provide you with the best possible experience.

The reason we said budget-oriented is that this camera is rather cheap, especially when you are comparing it with some of the other options on the list. While this camcorder doesn’t really bring anything innovative to the table, we thought it belongs on the list mainly because of how good it is despite being a budget camcorder.

The only shoots at 1080p and doesn’t have any advanced shooting modes like slow-motion video, however, do keep in mind that the videos shot through this camera turn out to be pretty amazing. In addition to that amazing video quality, another really good thing about this camera is obviously built really well despite having a low price tag.

The camera provides ease of use, and the LCD, as well as the physical controls just add more in terms of the overall accessibility, the camera also uses a multi-camera control feature that helps you take a video from multiple angles whenever the cameras supporting this feature are connected together.

With all the good things aside, finding flaws in this camcorder won’t be an easy job considering how the price you are paying for this is relatively low. However, bear in mind, that this is not built for professional work, and will only help the hobbyists the best.

10. SEREE HDV-S5 Full HD Camcorder

SEREE HDV-S5 Full HD Camcorder

SEREE HDV-S5 Full HD Camcorder


Last updated on March 3, 2021 7:49 am

We are finally on the last product that will be featured on this list, and after that, we will be covering some of the other important things that you should know about. As for the camera, we are looking at right now, it’s from a company called Seree, and the model is HDV-S5.

Now the important thing about these unknown companies is that we are not really provided with a lot of details, and scouring the internet in order to find some useful information normally goes in vain. Similarly, we experienced it with this camcorder too.

Now the camcorder claims to have a 24-megapixel resolution, and that is something very huge, even though it’s just a made for shooting videos and nothing more.

However, after recording some videos, we can attest that the videos do come out nicely, and while it may not be as good as some of the other competitors in the list, the sheer difference of the price makes up for it.

The features include some usual fun to use, but impractical shooting modes, support for SD cards, as well as a nicely built, compact body. However, do keep in mind that this is a camcorder strictly made for people who are either on a budget or just want to test something for the sake of it

There is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about the camcorder itself, and while that may put some users off, do keep in mind that whatever it is offering in the price you’re paying for it is actually more than enough.

While our short-term experience went relatively well with this, we can’t guarantee how the long-term experience will be, and whether or not the camcorder will survive the test of time.

Just keep in mind that if you’re spending money on it just because you’re short on money, then go ahead. If not, then pitch in some extra, and buy something better.

Best Camcorders 2020 – Buyer’s Guide:

Things to Avoid in a Camcorder

Now that we have explored almost all the good camcorders available in the market, we are going to take a look at some informational stuff that you should be paying more attention to.

Using a camcorder isn’t all that difficult, even the most advanced ones take some time getting used to, however, it’s all about how well you are looking forward to using the camera.

If you’re really interested in learning the curves of a device, you’ll need to make a proper dedication towards it.

Sadly, some people don’t really pay much attention to the camcorder at all, and simply think it is easy to use in order to create the best possible videos.

Today, we will be looking at some of the things you should be avoided at all costs in a, these things normally contain the things most people go for when buying a camcorder, and how it shouldn’t be happening.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

Megapixels Don’t Matter

While megapixels do make a lot of difference in point and shoot cameras, or DSLR cameras, when it comes to camcorders, there isn’t a lot of difference to make. That’s mainly because the sensor will only shoot a video at the effective resolution that the camera has.

For starters, if some online gimmick tells you that your camera can shoot videos at 1080p only, and then goes on to tell you that the camera has 25-megapixels, you should know that your video will be shot at a megapixel count that’s the equivalent of the resolution you’re shooting that.

That means a 1080p video will basically only have an effective megapixel count of 2.1-megapixel. That’s something you should know about.

The Compact the Better

Do you know what term is used for camcorder apart from a video camera? A Handycam, this literally means that the camera is built to be handheld so it can give you enough freedom to move around and use it easily.

However, most people usually get confused and end up buying incredibly bulky camcorders, and while they may be packed with all the right features, your shooting experience will be suffering a lot, mainly because you’re not able to properly handle the video camera, to begin with.

Key Indicators of a Best Camcorder

Buying a camcorder isn’t all that difficult, all you need is some amount of proper knowledge, and enough budget to go out in the market and buy the best camcorder in 2020.

However, the most common issue with the latest camcorders is that there is little room left for innovation, which is basically leading several companies into creating products that are a lot similar to each other with little to no difference.

Right now, we are writing this to help out some of the readers who are looking out for some of the most needed features of a good camcorder.

Manual Controls

One really important thing of a good camcorder is the presence of the manual controls, if you thought that the manual controls would be necessary for you to look for in DSLR or point and shoot cameras only, then think again. After all, it’s always better to have controls on your camera than using the controls on the screen.


When it comes to the camcorder, or cameras in general, one of the most important factor you need to consider is the lens and the sensor, when buying a camcorder, make sure that the lens is wide, and the sensor is large.

A wide lens will allow you to have more content for your videos, and the larger sensor will allow the camera to perform better in the low light.


Another important thing you should be looking at in a camcorder is the viewfinder, and for those who don’t know, a viewfinder is basically a place on the camera through which you look around, compose, and in most cases, focus as well.

Most Important Camcorder Features

There are a lot of things that one should be considering when buying a camcorder, for starters, you need to make sure that you are well prepared to go through heaps of available products in the market, and once that’s done, you will need to decide the one that you want.

Before you go ahead and buy the camcorder, it would be best if you go through some of the most important camcorder features, because having them basically means that the purchase you are making is actually worth it, and you won’t be wasting your money on something that won’t be worthy enough.

A Built-In Viewfinder

As the technology is progressing, more and more companies are getting rid of built-in viewfinders in the favor of the LCDs, and while the cameras that have both exist too, coming across them is a bit hard. A viewfinder is basically there in order to help you look at what you’re capturing, bear in mind that while you can see all the same in LCDs as well, the experience is different and less different.

For instance, viewing on LCD can basically be impacted by the sunlight or some other reason, while the viewfinder experience remains as true as possible.

Optical Zoom

There is actually a huge amount of difference between optical and digital zoom, and while digital zoom is just basically simulating the effects of zooming in, the optical zoom works in conjunction with the lens going forward and backward when zoomed in or zoomed out.

Overall, this feature is something that is a must in any camcorder, and without it, the world simply is incomplete. So, do make sure that whenever you’re buying a camcorder, this feature is a must.

Image Stabilization

The image stabilization basically does what it says, it’s there to make sure that even if you have shaky hands, or you’re making a video on the move, the video stays stable, this feature is largely present in the phones as well, and it’s known as optical image stabilization.

Much like the zooming factor, there’s optical image stabilization, and then there’s electronic image stabilization, what you need to know is that the optical image stabilization is done through the hardware, and the electronic is simply software-based, something that isn’t as good.

When buying a camcorder or a video camera if you like to call it that. Make sure the optical image stabilization is present.

Which is Best Camcorder 2020 for You?

Now that everything is out of the way, we are going to discuss which camcorder is actually nice for you. After going over a list of amazing products, finding the best camcorder wasn’t really difficult, to begin with.

Simply put, the Best Camcorder 2020 is the Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder, and there are quite a lot of reasons behind that. Now we know that isn’t offering anything beyond 1080p, but it’s all about the performance it provides, as well as the amazing 57x optical zoom that can work wonders in almost all the shooting situations.

Overall, the camera is perfect despite lacking something as simple as WiFi connectivity, but there are chances most people won’t even worry.

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