So you’re up for a three-legged stand to support your camera- A tripod, isn’t it…! Tripods are such a handy tool for any professional photographer these days. Standing and working all day with for the shoots is no ordinary human job.- It’s tiring and troublesome at the same time…!

Tripods save a lot of effort, simply by supporting your camera at the right position for the right time. Having the right exposure to light is mandatory for a perfect click, now isn’t it…!

Which Best Camera Tripod to Buy?

Now, for many of you who are here with us on this review might just happen to know that a camera tripod is simply for supporting a camera- while it might be for that very reason, there is so much more to it, and we’ll make sure you get it…!

Firstly, while taking the pictures, the foremost fearing for any photographer is the blurring of the shots…! And why would that be, probably because of a personal error- the hand just might happen to shake a bit while capturing. That is where the tripods play in- giving a camera a steady support for blurs free images.

The second reason to love the tripods is that it gives a great deal of flexibility while you record the videos in a very professional manner. For taking in the close-ups, a camera tripod can help a lot to reduce unwanted movements.

Further, if you have worked with the telephoto lens, you would probably know that they are quite difficult to steady- therefore a good DSLR camera tripod will give you steadiness and ensure minimum vibrations and sharp images. Now that we are done with some of the main advantages of a camera tripod let us take you through down the lane with a list of best camera tripods of 2018available for you.

Best Camera Tripods 2018

With many companies and brands making them so, it’s hard to get your hands on the best tripods- and this review will just help you with that…! But wait for a second- There is another important aspect to buying these tripods which is to consider that what you are actually looking for in them.

Some of the possible options you might like to view are that you must look for a specific brand. Agree or not, a brand does have an effect on the overall quality of the available product, and it’s quite well known that the popular companies do work hard to provide the best item.

Secondly, the height of the tripod…! You would not like to have a camera tripod which would be much smaller than your average height- that could get ugly, trust us…! Leg locks matters too while purchasing a DSLR tripod as they play a key role in providing stability. The materials and weight are a concern as you may want to travel with them. Something too fragile or too heavy should not be the priority for the explorers.

The best camera tripod has the maximum capacity to hold on to a load and you may like to watch out for the low ones.

1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit (Recommended)

  • Load Capacity: 15.4 lb, Leg Sections: 3
  • Tiltable & Rotatable Rapid Center Column
  • Swivel 360°, Tilt 90° Up or Down
  • Aluminum-Alloy Legs, Flip Locks
  • Maximum Height: 68.1″
  • Minimum Height: 56″
  • Folded Length: 28.1″, Weight: 5.4 lb
  • Ball Head, Quick Release Plate
  • Independent 360° Pan, 90° Tilt
  • Dual, Built-In Bubble Levels

So let us get introduced to the VANGUARD ALTA PRO 263AB. The number one thing that makes this tripod amongst the best is its high quality and a very reasonable price. So one thing is for sure, this tripod will be there for the long run.

Every photographer is quite familiar with the ball head, and the problem with a cheap tripod is that the ball head breaks off first. But it’s not the case with the VANGUARD ALTA PRO 263AB, as it comes with a ball head which is of strong and durable quality. Considering the big knobs, the adjustment is easy too.

With the aluminum legs and retractable spikes, the legs can be adjusted to three different angles giving you a great joy to experience with your average DSLR. Another plus to this camera tripod is that gets to the ground to capture the lower scenarios- guess who’s capturing the bunch of flowers next time…!

This tripod is favorable for most mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

2. Induro Alloy 8M Tripod AT-114

If you are looking for a great deal of stability and durability then STURDIEST tripod is the best one to buy- but you have to compromise on the weight, as it’s quite heavy…!

Apart from the weight, which should not be a problem, when you are being hit by quality and class. This DSLR camera tripod is sure to work with you in wonders and give your clicks those promotional standards. The tripod comes with a nice and quite strong ball head as well- so you won’t be needing to change your tripod for years to come.

This tripod is quite compatible with almost any camera with any type of lens attached. It reaches a height of maximum 15 inches, which is quite a great deal. The Arca Swiss Compatible head may not be there, but still, that is something not to wine over.

Further, the leg part consists of a total of four locks, so your stand won’t be going anywhere with so much security.


  • Load Capacity: 26.5 lb
  • Max Height: 56.9″
  • Min Height: 5.3″
  • Folded Length: 14.6″
  • Leg Sections: 5
  • Weight: 3.1 lb
  • Rapid/Reversible Center Column
  • Retractable Spiked Feet
  • Short Center Column for Low-Angle Shots

Sirui T2005X TX Series Tripod
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This camera tripod belongs to a Chinese company who are prone to make some of the best tripods out there. You can trust them for high quality and durability DSLR camera tripods.

Though this company doesn’t have much recognition in the outdoor world, still they are thriving and soon would be on the top list of recognized brands.

One thing that bothers the most photographers regarding this camera tripod is its narrow leg stand- and by a narrow leg stand I mean is that the legs don’t extend too much distance so as to give more stability. Otherwise, this camera tripod stand is prone to fall down or be blown away by the wind.

This tripod is best for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with average lenses. It can extend to 61 inches with the center column extended. It’s not too heavy and not too light- the weight lies somewhere in between. It too consists of four leg locks for maximum stability.

4. Manfrotto Befree Compact Aluminium Tripod

  • Load Capacity: 8.8 lb
  • Maximum Height: 56.7″
  • Min Height: 13.4″
  • Folded Length: 15.75″
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Independent Leg Angle Selector
  • Quick Release Ball Head
  • QR Plate Included
  • Fitted Case

Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree Tripod
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Manfrotto tripod comes along with a high-quality ball head and the leg locks are quite durable too. These two things are the main key points anyone would like in a Manfrotto tripod.

But what to do if the height is comparatively short in regards to the height of an average person? Well practically you cannot do anything about it, and that is exactly the drawback of  Manfrotto tripod- Thus making it quite useless for the person having a good height….!

On the plus point, it’s useful and easy to carry the trips like hiking- you simply have to kneel down to take the shots that are it…! But for a routine photographer, all that sitting could prove quite hectic.

It’s again a good deal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and it contains a total of three legs locks for stability.

5. MEFOTO Roadtrip with Ball Head

The Mefoto road trip DSLR camera tripod is amongst the most popular camera tripods among the photographers.

It’s quite suitable for traveling purposes as its light and easy to carry places. It would give your camera a steady plate form to work with. Further, this camera tripod works best with light cameras of small lenses- as it’s designed such.

Although not specifically a drawback but the lightweight may not be quite compatible with the windy situations and may be blown away by it- so you need to watch out for it while you are out. Secondly, due to its light weight, this camera tripod is not recommended for use in the landscape photography, as it may not provide with the required stability.

This DSLR tripod is used by many photographers on a professional level, and what attracts the most about this camera tripod is that it can be changed into a monopod as well by removing one of the legs- now that is something quite catchy…!

This tripod is best for mirrorless cameras with medium lenses, and as it’s quite light it makes up a fair deal.

6. Manfrotto 190 G0

The Manfrotto 190 G0 camera tripod had been along for quite a while now and they are amongst the best tripods list.

The first thing that marks this brand is there are rotational leg locks instead of the traditional lever ones, which make it quite attractive to the consumers. This Manfrotto tripod is stable enough to handle professional DSLRs with comparative bigger lenses.

Further, the easy link socket is another feature that adds to this camera tripod. With this, one would be able to attach accessories such as a light and a reflector, which proves quite handy. It could also be adjusted to take the pictures at various creative angles giving the photographers a whole new edge.

In regards to the weight, it’s quite light and would be no issue. To be more on the specific side the maximum load it can take up is up to 7kg, which is huge. It consists of a total of four leg sections for maximum stability.

7. Gitzo GT1545T Series 1 6X Traveler

The body of this camera tripod is made up of carbon fiber, which is quite durable and the maximum load which can be put upon to it is 10KG..!! The Gitzp Company is well known for its tripods and the quality they offer. This camera tripod is designed for the professionals seeking for high quality and durability- Something which can’t be compromised upon…!

Talking about the legs this camera tripod consists of four of them, thus providing with ultimate stability…! Further, each end of the leg part consists of a 6x carbon-fiber weave- so you can be that sure that it would not fall over during the shoots…!

Further with the folding leg design, the legs can be folded back to an angle of 180 degree- talk about the flexibility! This one of the best tripods can reach a maximum height of 153cm- now that is something to conclude with…!

8. Velbon Ultra 655

The Velbon company makes up one of the most budget camera tripods.

It’s quite a good fit for occasional use with the light cameras and lenses like mid-range DSLRs and standard zooms. Reaching a maximum height of 15inches it provides quite a good platform to work. Further, its four legs spread out to great angles, thus the stability is quite promising.

With the removable central column, the tripod can be set to a mere height of 13.3 centimeters. The body is made up of aluminum so it’s strong and steady.

9. Sirui Ways Traveler ET-2204

Its body is made up of carbon fiber, thus promising a strong body. The thing which catches about this camera tripod is that it can support a maximum load of 12 kg.

The lever style legs locks are an innovation to this model, thus giving ease of use and comfort especially in cold weather. When the center column is removed, the tripod can be gracefully set to a height of 13.5cm.

With the ease to fold the legs at an angle of 180, it makes this tripod one of the best to be carried outdoors. Its weight is also quite manageable as its light and proves quite a fair deal for the traveling.

10. Vanguard Veo 204AB Traveler

It’s made up of aluminum which is quite a durable material for the camera tripods. Being one of the best tripods it can support up to a load of 4kg. It consists of a rapid rotation center column which allows it to be easily inverted.

The legs of this DSLR camera tripod can be adjusted to three different angels giving the freedom of creativity. The legs locks are sealed with anti-slip rubberized feet, which gives it great stability in steep areas while supporting it in windy conditions too.

Further, the central column can be removed for a low stand shooting as well, adding to its versatility. The ball head also comes with panoramic markings making it an all of excellent value.

11. Three Legged Thing Equinox Winston

As the very name indicates, it consists of three legs for support. The material is of carbon fiber which is quite durable, even for the name. Reaching up to a height of 131 cm, this camera tripod is best for average height photographers or consumers.

Talking about the load it can take on, this tripod will not disappoint you as it can support a load of 20kg. It consists of five leg sections and it’s quite ideal for traveling purposes.

With regards to its ultra-design, one of the legs can be removed to make it a monopod- quite an innovation isn’t it…!


We could have gone on and on with the list of top camera tripods, but then it would not have been any quality. Searching and then providing you guys with the best possible options is our priority, and we never compromise on it.

Well then, all you have to do is to go through this list of DSLR cameras and choose for yourself that which one best suits to your needs.