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Best Memory Card for Canon D5s R

Best Memory Card for Canon D5s R

Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable memory card for your Canon D5s R camera, Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB is a better option for the money.

Its storage capacity of 64GB is big enough for storing both RAW JEPG images and high-definition 3D, and 4K videos. This card not only supports backward U HS-I devices, but also come with SDXC card that helps with high-speed file transfer.

What’s more, you will never lose even a single of your valuable content. Even if you delete an image or video by mistake, or your memory card was somehow corrupted, you can use the Lexar Professional memory card’s Image Rescue Software to get your data back.

And, although some people argue that data recovery is not 100% guaranteed, it sure is certain to a bigger extent.

SanDisk Pro 64GB (95MB/s)

If you need the best memory card for Canon D5s R, SanDisk Pro 64GB (95MB/s) is worth a try. Using SanDisk Pro 64GB can only mean two things. One, you put yourself in the class with professional photographers and videographers who take high quality images and 4K videos.

Two, you are guaranteed of high quality results regardless of your working environment. Built to withstand hard conditions like water and temperature, SanDisk Pro is the best memory card for Canon D5s R, which doesn’t need a sooner or later replacement.

And with Extreme Pro SDHC combined with SDXC UHS-I for premium video shooting, you won’t find a perfect alternative to SanDisk Pro. With a data transfer speed of about 95MB/s data transfer between your Canon D5s R camera and your computer should be a breeze.

Lexar Professional 2933x XQD

There is a lot to love about Lexar Professional 29333 XQD memory card. The data recovery model used is an outstanding one. Sure, it is common to delete data that you think you really do not need. But, what if you wanted that data back?

Lexar Professional comes with an Image Rescue Software, which makes getting all that data back in just a couple of minutes. And besides the ability to transfer data quickly between your computer and camera because of the 400MB/s read and 440MB/s write speed, Lexar Professional works perfect for cameras as well as camcorders.

With a large storage capacity that can store images and 4K videos in one place, you will never need an extra storage medium for your photography job.

Sony G-Series XQD

Whether you are an enthusiast artist or a professional photographer, Sony G-Series memory card is a must-have.

Sony G-Series XQD is a popular memory card in the SanDisk family, and it is by far the best alternative to many normal cards on the market today.

Its quick file transfer speed makes it a grab-and-go memory card for enthusiasts as well as professional photographers. Designed for both images and 4K videos, this memory card works well for sequential burst modes, RAW and JPEG image formats, and rapid shots.

Also, it has the Image Rescue Software, which is highly essential for retrieving lost files.


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