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Best Memory Card for Panasonic Lumix G85


Capturing stunning images and shooting full high definition, three-dimensional videos requires two tools: a powerful Panasonic Lumix G85 camera and the best memory card. If you pick a perfect combination, everything will fit in properly. If you choose a wrong set, your shots will be low quality and valueless.

Choosing the best memory card can be somewhat an uphill task. But it doesn’t have to be, especially because we have spent more than 72 hours testing and analyzing the best Panasonic Lumix G85 memory cards that you can buy and use today.

There aren’t many powerful cards for 4K, 3D, and Full HD videos out there. But there are at least three cards that offer high-quality results than many standard memory cards ever would. Whether you want to upgrade your card’s capacity or you want to test different write and read speeds, below are the best memory cards for Panasonic Lumix G85 to try.

SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I (95MB/s)

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB

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as of November 10, 2017 10:31 pm
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Our Top Pick: SanDisk Extreme Pro competes well with the big boys in the memory card market because of durability and reliability. For practical Raw and burst mode shooting, you wouldn’t want to use any other memory card but SanDisk. This memory card is class V30 speed rated and compliant with the Ultra High-Speed U3 standards. Overall, it features a high reading speed of 95MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s; this ensures quick transfer of media files from Panasonic G85 to your personal computer.

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II (300MB/s)

Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB

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Lexar Professional 2000x supports UHS-II reader and a USB 3.0 connection to your personal computer. Also, it features a read speed of 300MB/s and a write speed of 95MB/s, which allows you to do smooth data transfer from your Panasonic G85 to your personal computer. This memory card not only performs well on Panasonic G85 but also performs faster in XT-1 cameras, especially during a sustained burst mode. It is even rated as the best memory card for the money because it gives you the exact value that you expect from your spending.

Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II (150MB/s)

Lexar Professional 1000x 64GB

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Capture stunning images and shoot high quality, high-definition and three-dimensional videos with Lexar Professional 1000x 150MB/s. Rated the best memory card for Panasonic G85, Lexar Professional Stands out from the likes of Toshiba Pro and SanDisk Extreme because of its 128GB storage capacity that keeps a photographer shooting images and videos throughout the day. Supported by an Auto Error Correction engine, this memory card automatically fixes all errors on your images and videos, making them reliable and boosting their quality.


Whether you rarely shoot videos or you are a fan of stunning images and high definition 1080p motion pictures, any of these memory cards should work just fine. And because they are durable, you should not worry about having to replace any of them anytime soon. If you are a photographer in need of a larger storage capacity, Lexar Professional 1000x is likely the best memory card for the money. But if you are just looking for memory cards from the top brands, any of these three should work amazingly for you.


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