Best Memory Cards for Canon 77D

It is easy to think that any memory card will work just fine. After all, what more do you need except to capture photos and shoot videos? Well, there is more to choosing a memory card for the camera, and it doesn’t include the assumption that a random card will work just fine.

Let’s be honest, shooting videos and capturing images can only be fun if you have the best memory card for Canon 77D. Whether you are a wedding photographer, a sports video shooter, or a wildlife enthusiast, the right memory card for your DLSR camera and the digital camcorder is a must-have.

Before you choose a memory card for your UHS-II or UHS-I card reader, it is important to evaluate attributes like brand, the quality of production, as well as write and read speed. That means looking beyond price estimates and going only for what’s best for your media project. Our Top Picks of the Best Memory Cards for Canon 77D.

Best Memory Cards for Canon 77D

1. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I (95MB/s)

Our Top Pick: Powered with a read speed of 95MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s for quick data transfer between camera and computer, SanDisk Extreme Pro is an excellent memory card for accelerated workflow. When storage expansion is mandatory, this memory card becomes necessary. Besides exceeding the rigorous performance standards than the likes of cheap Transcend memory cards, SanDisk Extreme Pro offers backward compatibility support for USH-I devices. It fits perfectly in the USH Class 3 category because it is powerful enough to shoot blur-free, classic 4K, and HD videos.

2. Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II (300MB/s)

Whether you own a DSLR camera, a camcorder, or a three-dimensional camera, you can use this memory card to capture high-quality images and shoot high definition videos. When it comes to read and write speed, nothing stands in the way of this memory card. With the ability to transfer files 27000 times faster than the SanDisk memory card series, Lexar Professional UHS-II guarantees an accelerated workflow, making it the best memory card for this camera on the list.

3. Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II (150MB/s)

Lexar Professional 1000x is more powerful regarding capacity than most of its series. With a maximum storage capacity of 128GB and a read speed of 150mb/s, it is tempting to throw away a normal memory card and replace it with this one. And why not? Primarily, this card was designed for photographers who require enhanced data transfer speed and improved storage capacity. But, it also makes a perfect choice for professionals who are looking for memory cards that are backward compatible with UHS-I devices.


SanDisk and Lexar Professional are the best memory cards when memory and speed matter. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and endless support, you can never go wrong with these memory cards. Having been dedicated to performance and reliability from the very first day, you can’t trust any other memory card more than you should SanDisk and Lexar Professional. And with an up to par performance than all the memory cards on the camera, these two remain to be the best memory cards for DSLR cameras and digital camcorders that money can ever buy.


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