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Best Memory Cards for Nikon D500


Here is the list of Best Memory Cards for Nikon D500.

You are going to use Nikon D500 for action photography and 4K video recording (like sports, wildlife etc.) that’s why you need a faster memory card.

Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB

Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB is a high-speed processing memory card for photographer and videographers who are in need of sufficient storage capacity.

Besides the integration of a downloadable Image rescue for data management and support for backward UHS-I devices, the memory card can capture and store stunning content, including three-dimensional, full high-definition 1080p videos.

In addition, Lexar memory card for Nikon D500 includes a SDXC Card in a single pack and an SD UHS-I reader that helps with high-speed file transfer. The Image Rescue Software helps to recover images and videos especially if your card has been corrupted.

While image recovery is not 100% guarantee, chances of recovering erased or damaged files with Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB are highly likely.

SanDisk Pro 64GB (95MB/s)

Whether you are a sports photographer or a professional videographer, this memory card is for you. Shooting image and videos without limits is fun when you have SanDisk Pro 64GB.

Featuring a transfer speed of 95MB/s, SanDisk Pro for Nikon D500 cameras makes the best memory card that you can use for quick data exchange between your camera and personal computer.

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Interestingly, the speed isn’t just for data transfer between devices; it also helps with quick capturing of rapid shots, RAW JPEG image capture, and sequential burst modes.

Besides the Rescue Pro Deluxe software for file recovery, San Disk Pro comes with SDXC UHS and Extreme Pro SDHC for high quality video shooting. To date, professionals love and trust SanDisk Pro not just because of its processing speed, but also because of its reliability and performance.

Lexar Professional 2933x XQD

Lexar Professional 2933 XQD memory card for Nikon D500 has a market reputation that its competitors can only dream of. When it comes to capacity, this device is up to par.

When it comes to speed, Lexar Professional stands out from other memory cards on the list. With a read speed of 400MB/s and a high-speed data transfer from the card to your personal computer, you won’t find a memory card comparable to this one.

Whether you have a high-definition DSLR camera or you love your Nikon camcorder, Lexar Professional is what you need to capture high quality, high-definition images as well as 4K videos.

And just in case you lose your files unintentionally, or delete something you realize you shouldn’t have, this memory card comes with an Image Rescue Software for file recovery.

Sony G-Series XQD

For a memory card that works a hundred times faster than normal cards for basic photography, you wouldn’t want to work without Sony G-Series XQD.

Crowned as a high-speed memory card for Nikon D500, Sony G-Series XQD is an exceptional piece for new as well as experienced, professional photographer. Whether you want to take rapid shot, shoot RAW JPEG images, or focus on sequential burst modes, you can use Sony G-Series XQD for amazing results.

And just in case you deleted some images by mistake, or something corrupt the card, the Image Rescue Technology will help you recover what you’ve lost. Besides capturing quality images at a high-speed, Sony G-Series XQD allows you to take high-definition 4K videos without losing a shred of quality.


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