So you want to shoot film but you’re not interested in manual focusing, exposure modes, aperture, ISO, and all that technical nonsense? Drained of heavy SLRs and cumbersome controls? You just want to throw a camera in your bag, go on adventures with your friends, and easily shoot amazing pictures, right?

We understand it, and so did every camera company interested in turning a profit during the 1980s. The decade of the DeLorean and Johnny Five assured high-tech wonders in a compact form, a promise that camera makers managed to provide on year after year with their new point-and-shoot cameras.

Yes, it was a great decade for point and shoot film cameras, and that means today’s shooter can find an impressive number of light-weight, portable, and completely capable point and shoot cameras for every budget.

Here are five point-and-shoot film cameras that are available in the market.