Not very long ago, pocket-sized versatile projectors were simply an unrealistic thought which gave way for some fun yet didn’t provide much as a realistic approach according to the surveys. There has been a rise as far as quality is concerned while these gadgets still remain specialty items and plenty of OEMs are venturing up their work in this fragment, manufacturing some astounding projectors that can likewise easily fit in your hand.


22 UO Smart Beam Laser:

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UO Smart Beam Laser, Focus Free, 150", 120min, HD resolution, Wi-Fi, FDA Approved Eye Safe Laser, Original Cube, Portable Projector - Only KDCUSA & Amazon Prime support warranty service

UO Smart Beam Laser, Focus Free, 150", 120min,...



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UO Smart Beam Laser is one of the tinniest projectors on our rundown, and one of the very interestingly designed and outlined ones as well. UO Smart Beam Laser has measurements of 2.2-crawls and weighs a tad above 500 grams all around. The UO Smart Beam Laser is really the world’s tinniest HD LCOS Laser projector. The general quality of UP Smart Beam Laser is admirable because projection stays in total focus at really far distances taking into account some extremely fresh and clear pictures regardless of where you move it. The result sometimes does have a blurry tint on occasion but it’s not exceptionally clear until check it with another projector.

The sound’s nature isn’t that extraordinary however it has two inherent speakers to watch anything on the spot. The sound isn’t totally pathetic however is somewhat stifled. Tragically, there is no sound yield, so connecting outside speakers of any sort is additionally not feasible.

In case that you do plan to watch a long movie, it’s a smart thought to connect the gadget to an AC electrical plug in light of the fact that it comprises of a 4,200 mAh battery that can keep going for up to 2 hours, and somewhat more on the off chance that you are associated with HDMI.

Estimated at $420, United Object Smart Beam Laser projector likewise accompanies a free tripod stand.

2. UO Smart Beam Laser:

33 PicoPro:

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Celluon PicoPro: Ultra-portable Laser HD Projector with Miracast or HDMI Connectivity (Black)

Celluon PicoPro: Ultra-portable Laser HD...


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Another project that is beautifully manufactured and outlined hits our list – PicoPro by Celluon. It is likewise one of the most slender projectors on this rundown, with a thickness of simply a large portion of an inch. The should have the capacity to easily fit in many pockets and with its length of  just six inches and a weight of only 181 grams is extremely compact. PicoPro has an exceptionally intriguing outline, providing an appearance of two blocks being glued together, despite the fact that it is only a one sturdy body. It likewise accompanies a stand offering 360-degree rotation, which makes it simple to locate a place for to rest the projector.

PicoPro offers fabulous quality coupled with its 720p fantastic resolution quality. It likewise accompanies a vast auto center component that implies that you absolutely never need to stress over fiddling with the center focus and it meets expectations generally and functions just as brilliant as the laser auto center of the UO Smart Beam projector. The implicit speakers of the PicoPro sadly don’t get much loud yet the sound’s nature itself is fabulous. The picture is always constantly clear and doesn’t get blur under a screen size of 250 inches. The projector stays peaceful as it doesn’t corporate any fan and there is no superfluous commotion that occupies the viewer. The PicoPro is estimated at $349, with shading choices being silver, gold and black. It provides the best sound quality of projectors in this price range.

3. PicoPro:

44 ASUS S1:

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ASUS S1 200-lumen 1080p support HDMI/MHL USB Built-in 6,000mAh Battery bank Short-Throw LED Pocket Projector

ASUS S1 200-lumen 1080p support HDMI/MHL USB...



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The next machine and portable projector on our rundown is the sleek Asus S1.  ASUS S1 may not be as eye-getting as the rest on our rundown but rather is still very reduced and light weight, with its measurements of 4 x 4.4 x 1.2 – inches and a weight of around 340 grams. The configuration is really ordinary however the manufacturing quality is strong. Keeping in mind a tripod doesn’t come in the container; the projector does highlight support for one. With the help of 200 lumens rating, the ASUS S1 additionally gets very bright which brings about the determination taking a plunge to 480p. As it may be not as lovely as different machines named before, the general quality may really be superior to the first two micro projectors. Going further into the settings you will get the access to the quality settings.

One pleasant thing about the ASUS S1 is its Ultra Short Throw proportion, which makes it convenient to play videos at very short separations. Default speakers aren’t of the best quality unlike the PicoPro, yet they are unquestionably the loudest when compared to the rest of the best micro projectors discussed. There is a standard sound jack accessible too, to permit you to utilize the projector with a couple of earphones or a series of speakers. The USB and HDMI ports permit you to charge phones with it. The 6k mAh battery put into it promises a battery life of 3-4 hours. It is the least expensive of the part and most likely worth keeping in thought and is evaluated at just $300.

4. ASUS S1:

55 ZTE SPro 2:

The last but not the least is the fantabulous ZET SPro 2. The measurements are 5.3 x 5.2 x 2.1 inches and ZTE SPro 2 is not as versatile as the others on the rundown, yet it positively beats the others in every other angle. It is likewise the most extravagant too, with a sticker of $750, yet it can be found for less expensive straightforwardly from AT&T or Verizon Wireless.

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only - Retail Packaging (Silver)

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only - Retail...



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ZTE SPro 2 is a versatile projector that is in its very own level compared with alternate gadgets squeezed in this rundown, and this is not just in view because it is like an Android gadget, executing Android 4.4.4 Kitkat and games on a 5-inch touchscreen.

The 5-inch presentation can be utilized as you would a customary cell phone that allows you to surf the internet, message your companions, download applications from the Google Play Store and skim through your photographs. The projector supports Wi-Fi however the gadget is likewise accessible from AT&T and Verizon Wireless stores in the United States. It also allows you to exploit 4G LTE information availability which further permits you to venture features specifically from Netflix, YouTube and other online streaming web sites.

The gadget includes a MicroSD card opening supporting up to a mammoth 64 GB. The photo quality is by a long shot the best as we’ve discussed. With its rating of 200 lumens and 720p determination, there have been no tints or shades or bizarre shading temperatures reported. The body is fresh, smooth, slick and gives perfectly clear picture projection.

The speakers on the projector speak the truth the same quality as that of the ASUS S1, though somewhat calmer; however there is likewise an earphone jack accessible to unite outer speakers. The gadget likewise packs a 6,300 mAh battery, which keeps things running for around 3 hours.

It also gives different choices in shine which incorporate medium, high and low but the last alternative will require the gadget to be connected to an AC divider unit.

5. ZTE SPro 2: