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Black Plastic Holga 120N Makes a Comeback

Holga 120N

Introduced in China in 1981, the original Holga Camera offered inexpensive 20 film format. It came at a time when the camera market was clamoring for affordable photography. But after a few years, the Holga got into trouble. The introduction of 35 mm film spelt doom for Holga in the Chinese market.

Company executives had to come up with a plan B. Holga was introduced to western markets where it made a mark. Users were demanding for this all-plastic “toy” camera. By 2001, Holga had sold 1 million pieces. By the time the company celebrated its 30th anniversary a decade later, the Holga 120N was nowhere to be seen. This had replaced the original Holga 120S.

However, this year, the company is planning to bring back the Holga camera on the market. The Holga 120N is expected to make a comeback this summer. It will come with a price tag under $40. If you need to get a feel of the original Holga 120N, check out Freestyle Photographic Supplies. They were able to track down the old version.

The newer version of Holga 120N will be available on the market in early July. Holga 120N is a plastic medium format camera. It does not have sophisticated technology or capable of sharp near-perfect photos. The trick lies in its lens. Holga 120N has a simplistic lens prone to vignette.

With Kodak also bringing back Ektachrome from the dead, the return of Holga 120N is justified. It’s sure proof that the resurgence of film is making headway in 2017.


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