US bans electronics on flights from 8 countries

US Bans Electronics on Flights from 8 Countries including Cameras

Planning on traveling to the US from the Middle East and Africa, this is for you. It's not good news. You need to be...
Fujifilm GFX 50S

Fujifilm GFX 50S: What You Need To Know

The Fujifilm GFX 50S has made a lot of heads turn. Everyone loves a Fujifilm camera. It is because the company offers products with...
Nikon's Latest Camera

Nikon’s Latest Camera Registered Today in Indonesia

Nikon has made headlines today when it decided to register its latest camera in Indonesia. The camera model N16D3 got registered today at Indonesian...

Canon UK Unveils New Merchandise Collection

Making history, Canon UK has launched a range of merchandise with branded accessories and clothes. These include bibs and vintage camera t-shirts. They will...
Sigma announces 135mm F1.8 DG

Sigma’s 135mm F1.8 DG lens to hit the market in May

News coming in from Sigma has revealed that the long awaited 135mm F1.8 DG lens it hitting the market in May 2017. The company...
Mitakon launches Mk II Nikon to Fuji X Turbo

Mitakon Unveils Mk II Nikon to Fuji X Turbo Adapter

The latest information coming in has it that the Chinese optical producer Zhong Yi Optics has made an update of its turbo adapter. This...
Sony to Announce 100-400mm G Lens and a New FF Mirrorless Camera

Sony to Release 2 New Products this April: 100-400mm Lens and FF Mirrorless Camera

Latest Sony rumors indicate that the company is planning to unveil two new products next month. The new 100-400mm G lens is expected on...
PhotoPills App

PhotoPills App now on Android: Photo planning got better

PhotoPills is an app which has won the admiration of many photographers with its picture planning abilities. It has been available only on iPhone....
Holga 120N

Black Plastic Holga 120N Makes a Comeback

Introduced in China in 1981, the original Holga Camera offered inexpensive 20 film format. It came at a time when the camera market was...
Veydra's California headquarters robbed of 200+ lenses over weekend

Veydra, California Loses More Than 200 Lenses in Weekend Heist

The California headquarters of famous Cinema lens maker Veydra got attacked by burglars. These made off with more than 200 lenses. According to a...
Sony Unveils the New Digital Filter App Sony revealed the release of a new camera app on the market. It is called the Digital Filter. The new app is to give photographers a better way of merging photos. The app enables combining two or three different images into one picture. It improves the flexibility of other apps currently on the market including Sky HDR. Functions for Sony Digital Filter and Sky HDR are quite similar. The biggest difference to notice is that the new Sony Digital Filter supports merging sections of a maximum of three different photos. Meanwhile, Sky HDR can only support for two exposures. According to Sony, ‘The Digital Filter application offers functionality, ease of use and image quality that go beyond the features of Sky HDR'. Camera models which are supported by Digital Filter app include; • Alpha a7 • Alpha a7 II • Alpha a7R • Alpha a7R II • Alpha a7s • Alpha a7s II • Alpha a6000 • Alpha a6300 • Alpha a6500 • RX100 III • RX100 IV • RX100 V • RX10 II • RX10 III • RX1R II One significant advantage of Sky HDR is that it can support some camera models not supported by Digital Filter. Sky HDR works seamlessly with a5100 and some three NEX models

Sony Unveils the New Digital Filter App

Sony revealed the release of a new camera app on the market. It is called the Digital Filter. The new app is to give...
NanGuang introduces flexible LED lighting mats

Chinese’s Company Unveils Flexible LED Lighting Mats

Nanguang a company known for producing lighting is the architect of this great invention. The kit consists of a pair of flexible LED light...

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