Canon EOS Rebel T6s / EOS 760D Review

In a move that runs the danger of confusing the market, Canon has introduced 2 upgrades to the EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i); the EOS T6i / 750D and therefore the 760D (reviewed here). just like the 700D, the 750D and 760D are DSLRs in Canon’s ‘beginners’ vary. The 760D is at the highest of

Canon EOS 6D Review

The EOS 6D is currently over 5 years old and has recently been replaced by the EOS 6D Mark II. Was a lift in performance associate degreed an overhauled AF system, it is a way more advanced and up-to-date DSLR. The EOS 6D is recent, and unless you’ll notice an excellent deal on one, we’d