CamFi Wireless Controller Now Fully supports Sony Digital Cameras

Sony Digital Cameras are now fully supported by the CamFi wireless controller device. It was revealed CamFi company recently. Through the CamFi 3.0 upgraded version of the app, owners of Sony Cameras can now seamless enjoy using the CamFi. All they need to do is fasten the CamFi wireless controller to the camera using a USB cable. Users can then be able to control and access the camera remotely through wireless using a laptop or tablet.

CamFi supports live view on brands like Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras. Photographers can modify settings for their cameras. They will be able to capture shots using a tablet or laptop. The device supports multi camera set up as well. It also offers an upgraded DNP printer server. The company promises that the CamFi can handle a variety of image types including Jpeg and Raw.

Information from the CamFi support page states that the product supports a variety of Sony camera models. These include a5100, a6300, a7 II, a7, a7s, a7R II and a7R models. It also supports remote models like PC or MTP. Users will only select their preferred mode in the camera connection menu. Check out their product page to get more details on setting up a Sony camera with the ComFi.

Press release:

CamFi 3.0 Adds Wireless Tether Support for Sony Cameras

GUANGDONG, CHINA. – February 23, 2017 – CamFi Limited, maker of wireless controllers for digital cameras, announced today that the new version of its app, CamFi 3.0, adds wireless tether support for Sony cameras. This feature allows the photographer to transmit photos from a Sony camera to a laptop or tablet via Wi-Fi automatically during a photo shoot.

“CamFi is the only wireless camera controller which can support Canon, Nikon and Sony currently. The support for other camera brands will be added in the future,” Said Mark Ma, CEO of CamFi, “We hope we can bring something new for the photography industry.”

CamFi 3.0 supports both raw and jpeg image file formats. It also supports live view for Sony cameras. That way, a photographer can see the live view of the camera, change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture and shoot remotely. Furthermore, the new version added support for the newest DNP wireless printer server. This allows the user to print the photo via Wi-Fi immediately after shooting. CamFi supports multiple camera control, which can be used to create a bullet time effect.

There are many advantages to using wireless remote capture. For one thing, the technology enables the photographer to see the preview image on a large screen, such as that of a tablet, versus the small viewfinder of the camera. The tether also makes it possible for the camera to be in a position that gets the right shot, but which is not necessary comfortable or safe for the photographer. For instance, the camera can be mounted on a high railing while the photographer can see the preview while standing on the floor below. Wireless tethers are helpful for time-lapse photography and self-portraits as well.

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