Canon 5D Mark IV Finally Gets A C-Log Via Firmware

Before Canon officially made an announcement, unverified rumors were circulating on various sites on the internet. These were purporting to have inside info that some few prototypes of the Canon 5D Mark IV carry Canon log. It also includes a Wide DR gamut too. The Log is able to record an image or video having subdued contrast plus sharpness.

Any camera which comes having Log gamut is able to support and preserve a high dynamic range. It also does well in presupposing color grading in post-production.

When Canon managed to make the announcement after a long wait, there was no mention of the C-log support feature.  We began to believe the rumor mills had gotten it all wrong this time round. But the latest information we have got confirms it. Canon has something in the pipeline. It is on track to unveil the C-log support feature.

Canon is expected to release the C-log feature via a firmware update. This is scheduled to take place during the NAB 2017. Users will be able to get the feel of the much awaited C-log feature on their Canon 5D Mark IV.