Canon EOS 77D Review

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A couple of years agone, Canon accessorial 2 similar models to its EOS line-up within the sort of the EOS T6i/750D and EOS T6s/760D. At the time, we have a tendency to questioned the manufacturer’s explanation behind making 2 cameras with near-identical specifications.

Two years on, we’re conferred with another combination of comparable EOS models. The new EOS T7i/800D replaces the EOS 750D and is targeted at newcomers to DSLRs, like those stepping up from a basic compact or a smartphone. The EOS 77D on taking a look at here is that the EOS 760D’s successor, and sets intent on attractiveness to aspiring enthusiasts with bigger photographic data United Nations agency is when refined management.

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Canon EOS 77D – options

Just like the EOS 80D that’s positioned on top of it in Canon’s enthusiast line-up, the EOS 77D is supplied with a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS detector. though this detector doesn’t supply a better component count just like the EOS T6s did over the older EOS T5i/700D, it will support Canon’s twin-component AF technology that guarantees significantly quicker focus acquisition in live read.

As well as this notable sweetening, the EOS 77D detector pairs up with Canon’s hottest DIGIC 7 image method that’s claimed to process knowledge 14x quicker than the DIGIC six processor found among the EOS T6i/T6s. This has resulted in the camera providing a better most burst speed and superior buffer depth. Whereas the EOS T6s might shoot at up to 5fps for as several as 940 JPEGs or eight RAW files, the EOS 77D claims to be capable of recording a vast variety of JPEGs at 6fps or 27 RAW files at the identical speed.

Canon EOS 77D – Build and style

Whereas the EOS T7i falls into Canon’s DSLRs for beginners vary, the EOS 77D positions itself within the manufacturer’s DSLRs for enthusiasts line-up.

The overall build quality feels additional or less keep with the EOS 80D, and also the aluminium-alloy chassis and polycarbonate rosin with glass-fiber end mix well to present it reassuringly sturdy feel within the hand. All the body panels are created to a high normal and there are not any creaking noises once the body is command tightly in your paw, as you sometimes get on some cheaper Canon entry-level DSLRs.

Although the EOS 77D is well made, it’s necessary to notice that it’s kind of like the EOS T7i in this it doesn’t supply weather waterproofing. If you recognize that you just often shoot in inclement weather or with the additional peace of mind that comes with owning a camera with weather seals, the EOS 80D would be the additional appropriate mid-range possibility.

Unlike the EOS 800D, which features a simplified layout of controls to boost its attractiveness with first-time and novice DSLR users, the EOS 77D features a somewhat busier look to its body, with a bigger variety of buttons and dials.

Canon EOS 77D – optical device

The significant profit you gain from selecting the EOS 77D sooner than the outgoing however still out there EOS 760D is AN increased focusing performance in live read mode and once you’re recording HD video. You do not get any annoying stammering because the camera makes an attempt to accumulate correct focus in live read and you’ll be able to use the continuous optical device (AI servo), too – a feature that 1st appeared on the EOS 80D.

While most users can use one-shot AF once photographing stationary subjects in live read, those that wish to shoot moving subjects and wish the camera to trace its movement can choose servo AF with the life following AF technique.

After testing, I found the camera’s following AF technique works adequately for subjects that don’t move unpredictably, however, I achieved additional consistent results with fast-moving subjects by following the topic within the center of the frame with the AF technique set to zone AF.

Canon EOS 77D – Burst shooting

Photographing a spread of subjects from quick cars to a game of cricket unconcealed that the EOS 77D rattles out JPEGs for as long because the shutter is depressed. Switching the file format to RAW saw the camera record 22 consecutive pictures to my 32GB Lexar skilled category 10/U3 SDHC card – some frames wanting what Canon claims is feasible, however still a major improvement over the EOS T6s.

Canon EOS 77D – Wi-Fi property

Once it’s founded, the affiliation method between the camera and mobile devices exploitation Wi-Fi is fast and simple, because of the dedicated property button at the rear of the camera. The Camera Connect app provides all the choices you would like to require device from AN iOS or golem device, and you get the choice to down-sample pictures to an additional friendly size for emailing and sharing, too.

Canon EOS 77D – Performance

Set to its default ‘standard’ image vogue, you’ll get spectacular results straight out of the camera, with made color and a high level of distinction. Users will experiment with the assorted image designs, however, if you’re when results that aren’t quite as spirited, the neutral or devoted image designs are also most well-liked.

The Canon EOS 77D features a ton in common with the EOS 800D once it involves its core specification. Study the combined aspect by aspect and their variations begin to become additional obvious. The rotating thumbwheel at the rear, dedicated AF-ON button, the alphanumeric display screen on the highest plate ANd automatic eye detector are factors that recommend the EOS 77D can attractive to additional advanced photographers United Nations agency are probably searching for finer management than you’d get from an entry-level model. That said, it’s well prepared for newcomers to a DSLR, too.

Inside the menu, you’ll realize the identical facultative target-hunting interface that you just get on the EOS T7i, which, once activated, changes the shooting screen and menu show on the alphanumeric display to an additional animated one that has data and sensible recommendation specific to the exposure mode chosen. the data doesn’t come in any nice detail, however, ought to withal prove helpful to those users beginning their DSLR journey.


  • 24MP sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus
  • The 45-point all-cross-type phase-detect autofocus system
  • Digic 7 processor
  • 3″ fully-articulating touchscreen LCD
  • Top plate LCD for shooting information
  • Dual control dials
  • 6fps continuous shooting
  • 1080/60p video capture with microphone input

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The EOS 77D is a very capable DSLR, but it’s a hard camera to get excited about. It does a lot of things well, but there’s nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd. If you want an entry-level DSLR, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D is the one to go for, while those looking for something a bit more advanced should save their pennies for a bit longer and get the EOS 80D.

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