As you would possibly guess from its name, the Canon 7D Mark II replaces the Canon EOS 7D. It so sits at the highest of Canon’s vary APS-C format DSLRs.

Although the new camera incorporates a twenty.2MP detector just like the Canon EOS 70D, we tend to ar told that it’s a replacement style. The small lenses have additionally been redesigned for improved potency (i.e. lightweight transmission) ANd this could contribute to an improvement in image quality at higher ISOs. The camera options a native sensitivity vary of ISO 100-16,000 with growth settings taking it up to ISO 51,200. that is the highest non-expansion setting in any Canon APS-C format DSLR.

The Canon EOS 7D’s optical device system is wide revered, however the 7D Mark II improves upon it with a 65-point system, with all those points being the additional sensitive cross-type. additionally, the central purpose could be a dual-cross kind at f/2.8 and sensitive all the way down to f/8, that is extremely helpful for photographers WHO need to use AN extender with their photo lenses. The central purpose is additionally claimed to perform all the way down to -3EV (moonlight).

Canon has given the new camera a similar EOS iTR AF and AI Servo AF III optical device technologies because the Canon EOS-1Dx and Canon 5D Mark III. These provide the artist a range of six shooting situations to tailor the AF system thus it’s the simplest likelihood of keeping a moving subject sharp.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Build and handling

While its sits on top of the EOS 70D within the Canon DSLR line-up, the EOS 7D Mark II is just around 90g heavier. At 910g (body only) and 148.6 x 112.4×78.2mm, however, it’s a bit heavier and bigger than the initial EOS 7D. a number of this variation in weight is also attributed to the Mark II’s improved dirt and water resistance, that makes it the second most weather-resistant Canon DSLR when the EOS-1D X.

Thanks partly to its metal alloy chassis, the new camera actually feels solid enough and comfy within the hand. The rough-textured coating on the grips provide sensible purchase (the thumb-ridge on the rear is especially good) ANd it looks like an enthusiast-level camera ought to. this is often matched by a claimed shutter sturdiness of two hundred,000-cycles.

Although the 7D Mark II makes a number of changes to the management layout, users of the initial EOS 7D can before long notice themselves reception. the foremost noticeable distinction on the rear of the camera is that the arrival of a sprung choice lever round the mini-joystick management.

This acts as a form of perform management for the most control dial ahead of the shutter unleash on the highest of the camera. once the switch is in use, the dial will be accustomed change one amongst atiny low assortment of options as well as sensitivity. the well-liked choice is chosen via the Customisation choice within the Menu. additionally to sensitivity, it will be set to setting the AF purpose, AE lock, AE lock hold, shift to the central (or registered) AF purpose and accessing exposure compensation.


The EOS 7D Mark II’s 65-point autofocusing system did not spoil. It’s each quick and correct, and capable of operating in terribly low lightweight. it is also advanced with seven focus purpose choice modes and a set of AF Al servo adjustment choices (Tracking sensitivity, Acceleration/deceleration chase and AF purpose machine shift options) to be used in continuous AF mode, thus it takes some about to understand. given that you select the proper AF purpose choice mode and AF Al servo characteristics (which will be set via a range of shooting state of affairs Case Studies), it will a good job. we tend to found Case one within the shooting situations list a decent start line that worked well once shooting BMX riders in action.

Nikon D7200 vs. Canon 7D Mark II Comparison

In addition, the hybrid AF system, that is obtainable once composing video or still pictures on the alphanumeric display screen in Live read mode, is capable and ready to notice its target even in quite low lightweight. With AN short-term memory lens mounted there is very little back-and-forwards adjustment even in fairly boring conditions and though it’s quite massive camera to use command removed from your body, it’s attainable to use Live read mode once hand-holding the camera. it is a shame that the screen is not on AN articulating joint (Canon says this may compromise durability) as a result of this may build composing shots at high or low angles a lot of easier.


The EOS 7D Mark II’s detector is plus twin DIGIC vi process engines to form the camera quicker and additional responsive. this allows a most continuous shooting speed of ten frames per second (fps) for thirty one raw files with a UDMA seven CF card (such because the Lexar skilled 1066x card) put in or 1030 JPEGs with a similar card.

One of things that affected with the EOS 7D Mark II throughout testing was its new 252-zone metering system that gathers information from a hundred and fifty,000-pixel RGB and infrared detector. The new system will a good job of taking the brightness of the entire scene under consideration. Naturally, there’s still some weight applied, however I found there are fewer occasions once the exposure compensation facility is needed.

Image quality

Canon is saying that the EOS 7D Mark II produces ‘best in category’ pictures and whereas the definition of the camera’s class is probably subject to an inventory qualifications, it’s actually within the combine for that laurels. On the entire the photographs and video that it produces look nice straight from the camera.

As it incorporates a picture element count of twenty.2MP, we tend to may fairly expect the EOS 7D Mark II to be unable to match the 24MP Nikon D7100 or Sony Alpha 77 II for detail resolution. However, it truly compares all right and with the exception of at the higher sensitivity settings it matches the Sony Alpha 77 II and beats the Nikon D7100 during this respect.

Noise is additionally controlled well throughout the native sensitivity vary, however as was common the growth settings (the choices that Canon considers not of ample quality for traditional use) ar best reserved for emergency things and once pictures solely got to be viewed at little sizes. JPEGs captured at the ISO51,200 growth most have brightness level noise visible at the most traditional viewing sizes and a few areas seem injured with inexperienced and magenta.


Enthusiast photographers tend to shoot a small amount of everything and that they want a flexible camera which will address a good variety of subjects and conditions. The EOS 7D Mark II’s weatherproofing implies that it will be utilized in harsher conditions than all of Canon’s alternative current DSLRs with the exception of the pro-level EOS-1D X. Its optical device system may also get cracking subjects sharp quickly, and keep them sharp as they move around the frame or towards/away from the camera. The metering system with its new a hundred and fifty,000-pixel RGB and infrared detector is additionally extraordinarily capable and delivers properly exposed pictures in an exceedingly big selection of conditions.

Noise is controlled well, colors are pleasantly rendered and pictures have a formidable quantity of detail for the camera’s picture element count.

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Build quality
Image Quality
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