The Canon EOS M3 is the manufacturer’s first big step towards the much talked about the enthusiastic CSC market and is ready to take the world by storm. The following Canon EOS M3 review would provide you with a whole lot of details regarding the camera.

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Canon’s loyalty to its impressive EOS M range CSCs has been a bit wobbling since its three years ago. A staggering fact that we are about to present you is that only a single new camera has been launched in the camera world with the M2 release only being limited to the Asian market since the launch of EOS M1 and the supporting EF-M lens mount. Meanwhile the lens power has witnessed the cast of only 4 more models which is a number put into spotlight by the Fujifilm 17 X series optic items.Canon EOS M3 - Front

Canon EOS M3 poses a new direction for the series and the CSC is directed for the photography enthusiasts along with features that are not only impressive but consists of a new design.

Canon EOS M3 Features:

The manufacturers have made sure that Canon EOS M3 camera sensor is designed in inspiration with Canon EOS 750 D 760 D DSLRs which consist of the impressive all new 24.2MP coupled with APSC sized CMOS technology chip. Despite of this sensor welcomed in a CSC, it still lacks the dual pixel focus which is present in most of other advanced DSLRs in the market.

The sensor incorporates a sensitivity power of ISO 100 to 12800 which is extendable up to the ISO readings of 25600. The on board processor of the Canon EOS M3 camera supports continuous shooting ability of up to 4.2 frames per second.Canon EOS M3 Flash - Front

There are some CSCs in the market which have an Ultra HD 4K video recording ability. The Canon EOS M3 camera works with the conventional full High Definition 1920 x 1080 pixel capturing at 30 25 or 24 frames per second. The camera also provides you with a stereo jack 3.5 mm coupled with built in microphones.

The Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera also boasts a 3 inch 1040 k dot touchscreen fixed at the rear end of the camera and is completely opposed to the vari-angle. Another drawback related to the camera will be that it doesn’t hold an EVF but you can buy one for the extra money at a later date.Canon EOS M3 Upper view

As expected for any CSC camera Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera consists of both NFC connectivity and Wi-Fi to be able to work with any smartphone camera and tablet coupled with the inclusion of IR system for tradition remote control.

Canon EOS M3 Review – Design:

The feature set of the camera isn’t the only thing that’s impressive but the whole design of the camera has been re taught. The body of the camera is considerably compact and a well-proportioned handgrip is fixed with the device which makes it one of the best handling CSCs in its category.

This small body design hasn’t affected any build design in regards with the handling and the entire general blue print of Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera physical control is well looked out as compared to the Canon’s mid-range DSLRs. Dials around the shutter button and other combination of an exposure compensation dial are utilized to control the majority or the capturing processes.Canon EOS M3 - LCD - Back

A combination of dedicated buttons on the rear end of the Canon EOS M3 provides brisk accessibility to more key functionalities for e.g. the ISO and focus area selections. Tests and demos have shown the implementation of the LCS screen to be as natural as any quality smartphone available in the market. The only drawback linked with the design is its bulky 18 to 55 mm kit lens which is now outdated and adds a lot of mass to the device.

Canon EOS M3 Review – Performance:

EOS M had to struggle a bit in the general performance field but most notably when in the aspect of focusing speed of the device. The Canon EOS M3 is a major improvement in this aspect courtesy the all new focusing system. Although the camera might not be as brisk as some of its competitors but catches focus accurately. The camera struggles a bit with moving targets but is most likely generally precise.

To utilize the Canon EOS M3 EF and EF S capable lenses the camera enthusiasts will have to buy the EF EOS M mount adapter available at a reasonable price. The adapter is thought to be working extremely well with newer STM lenses but there’s a reasonable slowing down with older Canon lenses.Canon EOS M3 Upper view

The Canon EOS M3 is considered to be snappy enough as the device starts up quickly and its adaptability is second to none but there have been a few complaints regards to the shot to shot delay which can lead to some missed photographs.

The camera despite of possessing a 4.2 frame per second snapping speed lacks behind some of its competitors such as Samsung NX 500 which consists of a shooting speed of 9 frames per second. The camera is a bit hindered because of its in capability of utilizing the live view capturing.

Canon EOS M3 Review – Image Quality:

The Canon EOS M3 boasts the same 24.3MP sensor as the as some of its predecessors but you might anticipate a sharper level of image quality. The high megapixel power of the device helps delivering a fantastic quality of resolution. Although it is unable to achieve the same standard of sharpness as some competing devices of 24MP APS-C sensors but it thoroughly owes to the installation of an anti-alias filter. The major advantage linked with the filter is that there are fewer chances of facing unnecessary artifacts.

The camera’s produced JPEG’s are unrivalled as it offers a very punchy color pallet throughout.

Image noise varies with the readings of the ISO as the lower readings of the ISO help producing close to no image noise with excellent results but there is a little visible noise up to 400 ISO. Moving further the noise gets blocked in the background but the ISO beyond 3200 makes an image unusable.

The Canon EOS M3 lags behind most of its competitors with regards in the aspect of its dynamic range as the camera is unable to revert back the detail from shadows and highlights.


There are no two doubts about the fact that Canon EOS M3 is a huge improvement on its predecessor and the camera’s compact body design and a control layout vouches for it. Other general improvements include is the autofocus speed, image quality and a huge amount of detail coupled with low noise and lower ISO readings.
The slow burst mode coupled with the relatively small buffer makes the device a bit outdated while the kit lens also needs some updating.

Despite of the fact that the device is a huge improvement on its predecessor but it is wise to say that it still lacks a great bit to comply a proper challenge with its competitors.

The overall rating of the camera given by the countless critics from all over the world is 87%. Features, Performance and Value are rated at 85% while the Design and Image Quality is rated at 90%.

Just like most other cameras Canon EOS M3 has some of its main Pros and Cons which are listed as follows.

Canon EOS M3 Pros and Cons:


Canon EOS M3 camera possesses excellent slick design along with a quality user interface that helps consumers getting along with a camera in no time. Furthermore the pleasing and exciting image quality makes it one of the best latest cameras in the market. Canon EOS M3 is thought to be magnificent improvement over its predecessor.


Despite of some of the very impressive qualities the focusing speed and continuous shooting ability of the device requires a lot of improvement as it still lacks behind competition. Furthermore the camera consists of a poor kit lens and doesn’t incorporate a built in electronic viewfinder.

Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Kit with EF-M 18-55mm Image Stabilization (IS) STM Lens - Wi-Fi Enabled (Black)


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