Canon EOS M7 camera specifications all we know, Will it be the end of the line for EOS M?

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More specifications for the Canon EOS M7 rumoured to be announced this year are making the rounds on the web. We cannot confirm these specifications but we figured I’d post them anyway. New flagship Canon EOS M7 (with 32MP and IBIS) and Canon EOS M50 Mark II are both due this year, according to report

The rumoured price tag here doesn’t fit as a follow-up to the EOS M50.

Canon EOS M7 Specifications:

  • 32mp APS-C sensor with DPAF II
  • IBIS
  • Slightly renewed DIGIC LSI
  • Cheap EVF, 2.36Mdots
  • Dual SD Cards, speed limits are the same as 4 years old cameras
  • 12fps serial shooting, without AF active
  • 4K from 24p to 60p, using all APS-C sensor sampling
  • 1080p up to 120p (overheating at 120fps)
  • CLog mode for marketing purposes

The second part of this rumour suggests that Canon will be killing the EOS M line as early as some time in 2021. That means no more cameras or lenses for the system and it will be left to the history books in favour of the EOS R system.

We have heard this a couple of times over the last few months, but all of that information has come to be anonymously and we haven’t put much stock in it, and we still not sure what to think about it.

We hoping someone will reach out with some clarification on this rumour.

Does this mean an APS-C EOS R camera is coming? We haven’t heard anything more about one, but it has been talked about a lot during the last year or so. We also know that an RF 18-45mm non-L lens is coming in 2021. This would be a very odd full-frame lens for the EOS R program, historically we’ve always had 18-55mm/18-45mm kit lenses for APS-C cameras.

All of this is an unconfirmed [CR1] rumour, so please treat it as such.

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