Canon EOS R7 rumored to be mirrorless replacement for Canon EOS 7D

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Rumours are starting to circulate around a fresh Canon camera having an RF mount, currently dubbed with the unofficial moniker ‘Canon EOS R7’. While all prior Canon RF digital cameras have already been full framework, evidently the Canon EOS R7 might use an APS-C sensor.

According to these rumours, the Canon EOS R7 is apparently going through screening in the industry by a band of photographers. This means that we’re more likely to observe this mystical camera appear sooner or later in 2021 – and perhaps even eventually.

Many in the industry are speculating that Canon EOS R7 camera is actually a mirrorless alternative to the Canon EOS 7D collection. A previous rumour from Canon Watch recommended that Canon experienced no plans to displace the EOS 7D Mark II with another DSLR. However, we’re able to certainly see Canon developing a mirrorless edition of the EOS 7D II to attract pro photographers who would like the get to of an APS-C sensor.

In accordance with Canon View, the Canon EOS R7 could have a similar development to the Canon EOS R6. Apparently, the specs may also be comparable as well. Which means that the main element difference between your EOS R6 and rumoured EOS R7 might just boil right down to the sensor dimension. This may certainly be a stylish high quality for wildlife and sports activities photographers who choose using APS-C cameras for the much longer reach.

Some photographers might wonder why Canon hasn’t released an APS-C camera with the RF mount yet – especially due to the fact Nikon released the APS-C Nikon Z50. However, Canon also offers its EOS M line-up, which is a selection of APS-C mirrorless digital cameras. If Canon will find yourself releasing an APS-C RF mount digital camera, we can not help but question if the EOS M collection should come to a silent end.

We’ll need to wait just a little more for official info from Canon. Nevertheless, if the Canon EOS R7 has already been in field screening, we wouldn’t become amazed if the rumours commence flowing solid and quick in early 2021.

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