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Canon UK Unveils New Merchandise Collection


Making history, Canon UK has launched a range of merchandise with branded accessories and clothes. These include bibs and vintage camera t-shirts. They will be distributed as soon as this spring.

This selection of merchandise has been introduced to mark the 30th anniversary of Canon‘s EOS system. It also includes feature cameras got from the EOS archive. The vintage collection has items like designs from Canon’s earlier camera “Kwanon’s” logo. It was first introduced on the market 1934.

The collection has items including jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, plus hoodies. It also has accessories like umbrellas, hats, kids’ bibs, and limited edition camera bags. There is more in the offing. Camera enthusiasts will be able to get a feel of the miniature Hansa Canon camera model. It is a replica of the first camera from Canon. It also holds a place in history as Japan’s first high-quality camera launched in 1936 with 35mm.

This exciting new range of Canon merchandise became available to the public on 18th March. Consumers can get these at Canon’s online store. They will be displayed on the Canon stand during the Photography Show, NEW, Birmingham. It began on 18th and ends on 22nd March. Visitors will get a firsthand feel of these merchandise offered by Canon.


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