NanGuang introduces flexible LED lighting mats

Nanguang a company known for producing lighting is the architect of this great invention. The kit consists of a pair of flexible LED light panels. These are designed for on-location, studio, and video work. The double rubber mats are effectively 30cm x 60 cm.

The mats come embedded in bi-color LEDs for each. It can be adjusted to come up with color temperatures according to user taste. You can change between daylight and tungsten 5600 to 3200k. The mats can bend to surround a still life object. They can also use it when taking head shots to produce a wrap-around lighting effect.

The mats can also be mounted on the supplied frames which come as part of the kit. Then the mats will behave like standard rigid panels. The package includes diffuser sheets which help to soften the lights. With a dimming switch, users will be able to vary the brightness of the panel. When measured together, it can come up to 3424lm.

The panels are powered by the AC adapter which is supplied by the company. Alternatively, a Sony V-mount or NP-F type battery can be used to power the mats. The company promises that the lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours with a CRI of 95.

The mat lit includes double stands, two panels with a case and accessories. The full kit will set you back $650. To find out more about this, you can visit the company’s website.