Google has been awarded a patent it filed in 2013 for its most recent innovation. It is a design for a cap with an inbuilt camera system. This camera can bond with mobile devices to give the user ‘interactive sessions’.

It is a baseball cap which is straight forward. Google intends to give the user a portable studio with live broadcasting video and for snapping photos. Though the innovation revolves around the camera, it encompasses other technologies as well.

It comes has a speaker to transmit audio to the user using a bone conductor. It is a module which uses vibrations to direct the user’s attention from side to side. It has a mic with a built-in battery to power it as well.

There is a multifaceted purposed for this camera system. It’s intended to capture content and share it through the mobile app. It is possible via direct connection or through a live broadcast. In the patent, this system has abilities to be applicable for utilitarian things as well. It will be used for things like getting help in case a line worker gets a problem. There is a great likelihood of calling for help from the facility.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this patent will be turned into a consumer product. It’s up to Google to see whether it will maintain the baseball cap design.

Via: Mashable