Irix launches an Ultra-Wide 11mm f/4 Lens

Irix has launched its latest lens in its production line, the 11mm f/4. It is a wide-angle lens which is applicable for full-frame DSLR camera users.  It is the second product from Irix to join the current 15mm F2.4. It is a perfect camera for professional photographers and cinematographers.

The newly-announced manual focus lens gives photographers a whopping 126° view. It comes with less distortion, as low as 3.13%. Images come out crisp clear in high resolution. The Irix 11mm F4 lens is made in two versions. The Blackstone and Firefly perfect for full-frame Nikon, Canon, and Pentax camera DSLRs users.

This lens is weather-proof to make it usable in all weather conditions. It comes in lightweight or rugged versions which are all very durable. The choice will be yours to make your pick for which version suits your needs. The Firefly model is 12% lighter than its counterpart the Blackstone. The Blackstone is manufactured from aluminum-magnesium alloy. It has unique structures like an anti-scratch coating a metal-grooved focusing ring.

As a result, the Blackstone model will cost you $825. Then its counterpart the Firefly only costs you $595.  Look out for the listing on the company’s US website for more information.