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JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Review – Camcorder


The JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE is the latest model in the already excelling JVC family of Quad Proof. It can be termed as the king of cameras in this difficult time of standard camcorders and it offers an added advantage of waterproofing and ruggedness to it. The photography market has been in serious crisis especially for the non-enthusiasts as smartphone has become the means of camcorder and photography.

JVC’s main answer to the outdated flip flop style camcorder has been its Quad Proof range which is a sensible idea. The general perspective is that regular camcorders easily beat smartphone cameras with respect to optical zoom and image stabilization but these features aren’t the sole reason for a user to carry a dedicated device in their pocket.

JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Key Features:

  • 1/5.8 inch CMOS coupled with 2.5 MP.
  • AVCHD video formats that record up to 1080/50p.
  • Waterproof.
  • 40x Optical Zoom. 
  • 60x D
  • Dynamic Zoom.
  • Wi-Fi control with iOS & Android connectivity. 
  • Shockproof when dropped from 1.5 m.

JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE- Best Camcorder 2015-16JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Design & Features:

The GZ-RX110BE is the very first of its kind in the consumer focused Quad Proof family. This arrived just after the launch of GZR10SE – although the concept of these cameras just arrived after the release of ADIXXION GC XA2-XA1. But the GZ RX 110BE is on another level than others mentioned previously because it incorporated a built in Wi-Fi and 8GB of internal memory inside it.

Quad Proof is a universal standard that helps strengthening the devices in the range to get strong against four types of potential danger that include, water, dust, dropped on the floor and exposure to the freezing/heated temperatures. The camera’s waterproofing strength extends to 5m which suggests that the gadget will stay safe in most swimming pools and shallow sea water.

This gadget receives all its strength from the and toughness from the a robust plastic window that covers the lens & and rubber protection that cover all of its ports. There also exists a memory card slot on the downside that locks itself by a two way procedure. This helps it virtually impossible to open it and also provides protection against the dust according to the IEC Standard Publication 529 IP5X.

So this suggests how GZ-RX110BE provides an impressive ruggedness which is right up with the best of the best cameras ever produced. But despite of that, critics claim it to be a very decent entry-level camcorder that satisfies a standard requirement. The sensor specifications are more than enough for Full HD recording with a small sensor of 1/5.8 inch coupled with CMOS 2.5 megapixel that also offers dynamic zoom but the maximum image size of 3680 x 2760 does need a bit of interpolation.

The basic advantage of the small sensor size is that it provides the camera with a 40x optical zoom which is more than enough for most situations. However the camera also integrates a 60x optical zoom mode that utilizes the surplus lens resolution to crop inside the chip and offer more magnification without affecting the picture quality.

The image stabilization is JVC’s main selling point that utilizes the AIS technology which stands for Advanced Image Stabilization that sits on top of the digital system with the help of a stabilizer. But still it’s not completely an optical system as it uses the spare pixels of the sensor than being completely digitalized. This is the same reason for why the AIS technology and dynamic zoom cannot be simultaneously utilized but with the 40x zoom that it has to offer the critics don’t consider it to be a major drawback, not to forget that AIS is vulnerable to drop damage.JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE review - Best Video Camera 2015-16

The camera has been improved in regards to the shooting modes as AVCHD format hasn’t been left out. But an intriguing 50p mode has been integrated that operates at the rate of 28Mbites/sec where the top speed initially was 50i at 24Mbites/sec. This is a massive improvement on the previous models.  Unlike the previous models the built in memory would easily save up to 30 minutes of 50p footage and 35 minutes of 50i footage but slotting in a 128 GB card would help the numbers raise to more than 10 hours.

JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Settings:

All of the setting range of the camera is available on the LCD screen. The intelligent auto-mode provides three different focus options named as Color, Face and Area. It allows you to toggle the gain function which kick starts the slow shutter speed. Recording volume also provides a small amount of control settings.

What make this camera so successful is the recording functions that it offers which include time lapse with intervals of 1, 5, 15, 20 or even 80 seconds. It also offers the luxury of recording features being enabled that include food and grainy monochrome. Also, if you like your videos a bit cheesy, flowers and hearts animations can be added.

Manual mode allows you to tinker with more options. Settings for backlight focus and tele-macro can be controlled with the help of a slider. Brightness adjustment can also be made but it is impossible to access the iris aperture and shutter speed apart. White balance, presets for sunshine, indoor settings and impressive blue or green underwater settings are all available in the manual menu.

The built in Wi-Fi is another key feature that this beauty provides by either acting as its own acting point or by connecting to an existing wireless setup. You can utilize Everio sync app by connecting it with iOS and Android devices. Camera can also be operated over the internet provided that you have a DDNS account.JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE review - Best Camcorder 2015-16

JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Performance:

The performance is not much different from its sibling the GZ RX10SE but with small sensors this camera provides better results if there is good lightening and color details. Despite of change in the illumination the color fidelity stays impressive but on the cost of grains becoming a bit evident. This cannot be categorized as the one professionals love but it will cope up well with the changes which are likely to appear in the family parties.

Intriguingly, you won’t be able to gain access to the battery due to its waterproofing but the camera provides sufficient battery time which lasts up to 4.5 hours.


This JVC device offers better selection of specifications than its sibling with in a similar price range. Paying around a $150 for a camera that offers more robustness compared to a standard camcorder of similar range is totally worth it. All of these features give you a solid reason to purchase GZ RX110BE than just pulling your average smartphone out and capturing videos. A device that is usable in most conditions at this reasonable price makes a lot of sense for you to purchase it.

Robust, solid and a strong built coupled with features like built-in Wi-Fi with a quality camcorder features at a reasonable price is something GZ RX110BE provides.

JVC HD Everio GZ-RX110BE Pros and Cons:

Every camera has its pros and cons and JVC HD Everio has its own which is discussed as follows.


  • JVC has a durable, rough and robust body design which is efficiently utilized for underwater and sports photography.
  • It offers manual control settings with an optical zoom of 40x.


  • The only drawback regarding this device would be the non-removable battery which can be annoying for the professional photographers travelling to remote areas.
  • The second and the last drawback would be the entry level camcorder specifications.


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