Home News Mitakon Unveils Mk II Nikon to Fuji X Turbo Adapter

Mitakon Unveils Mk II Nikon to Fuji X Turbo Adapter

Mitakon launches Mk II Nikon to Fuji X Turbo

The latest information coming in has it that the Chinese optical producer Zhong Yi Optics has made an update of its turbo adapter. This new adapter allows Nikon full frame lenses to be mounted on Fujifilm X compact system cameras. The best thing is the camera’s intended field of view is maintained.

Turbo ll N/G-FX lens features a lens construction which reduces the effective focal length by 0.726x of the mounted lens. It compensates for the crop factor encountered when using full frame lenses at the front of an APS-C sensor. An example includes those employed in Fujifilm X bodies.

The compensation is not all that exact, though. This is because a 50mm lens ends up functioning like 55mm acts. It has a net crop of 1.09x. The focal length decrease comes with disadvantages. It increases the maximum aperture of the lens by one stop

According to Mitakon, the upgraded 4-element version of the Nikon adapter comes with enhanced optics. A version is available for M42 and Canon lenses. The new adapter now offers better resolution and correction of aberration. These are visible at the corners of the frame.

The upgraded adapter is 32mm deep and has a diameter of 63mm. Weighing only 165g; this new adapter will send you back ¥21,000 including a tax charge of $150.

Manufacturer information

The Fuji X Camera Lens Turbo Adapter (Ver II) from Mitakon allows lenses to be mounted to APS-C format Fuji cameras, increasing the angle of view by 0.726x and the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 f-stop.

The four optical elements of the Lens Turbo adapter condense light from the full frame lens and project it onto the camera’s sensor allowing the sensor to capture all of the transmitted light, negating the crop factor and effectively producing full-frame coverage on non-full-frame sensors. A corresponding increase in the maximum aperture of 1 f-stop makes the lens more effective in low-light situations.

This adapter features 4 optical elements including one extra-low dispersion (ED) element which reduces aberrations for better delineated images. The adapter offers a sturdy metal construction and stainless steel mounts, it attaches to both camera and lens with little play and includes a front and rear protective cap. The Lens Turbo is a manual adapter offering no electronic communication between lens and camera. It is not compatible with Blackmagic cinema cameras.

* Allows lens to be mounted to Fuji X camera
* Increases the angle of view by 0.726
* Increases maximum aperture by 1 stop
* 4 lens elements in 4 groups including 1 extra-low dispersion element

This lens turbo adaptor may not fit all lenses due to different extensions at the lens rear mount. Lenses with extension more than 3mm are not recommended to use this lens turbo adaptor. Vignetting may occur if using APS-C lenses.


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