Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless cameraInternet is a funny place. You would come across so many interesting and exciting rumors that it would make people run on their heels till the actual gadget has come out. A camera especially the DSLRs nowadays is not only a thing for professional enthusiasts but also has been utilized by people far associated with photography. So any rumor regarding the DSLRs make people go nuts just like the rumor linked with the upcoming Nikon 1 J5.

The manufacturers after releasing a number of successful models and predecessors of Nikon 1 J5 are set to announce that their new release will incorporate the 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor which is staggering news for lowlight photography enthusiasts. Not to forget the inclusion of the scintillating NFC that would take the gadget to another level.

Nikon also promise that 1 J5 would have the capacity to record 4K videos at an amazing quality. The exact date of the release cannot be promised but considering the general guess from different DSLRs related blogs and reporters, the camera should arrive in the coming few weeks.

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