The year 2010 was the start of the successful Nikon D7XXX series as they released the popular D7000 which replaced the flagship APS-C camera of the manufacturer. The APS-C sensor provides a precise and brisk autofocus system coupled with the 1.5 X crop factor; hence the series has been widely popular among the photographer enthusiasts from the field of wildlife and sport photography. The latest inclusion to the D7XXX family is the much hyped Nikon D7200.

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)



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It would not be erroneous to term Nikon as one of the major shareholders of the technological world in the modern era. Time and time again they prove themselves by releasing all sorts of camera models covering vast ranges.

Nikon D7200 is the manufacturer’s latest DSLR model and it aims to accomplish the crown of their most successful APS-C model till date.Nikon D7200 Front View-1

Nikon D7200 Features:

There have been more than a few notable differences and upgrades in Nikon D7200 from its famous predecessor Nikon D7100. One of them is the impressive 51-point auto focus along with the Multi Cam 3500 II auto focusing camera system machine. These improvements sound even better with the inclusion of the popular and new EXPEED 4 processor. The inclusion of the NFC connectivity coupled with the Wi-Fi technology is the most prominent upgrades as they have been integrated into the camera for the very first time.Nikon D7200 Front View-Flash Light

The camera speed incorporated by the manufacturer is an amazing 6 frames per second which improves up a notch to 7 frames per second if you choose to shoot in 1.3 x crop mode. Video recording in Full High Definition at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, 60p and 50p is also restricted for the 1.3 x crop mode system, while the rear frame readings at the similar resolution excluding the crop factor are also provided.

Nikon D7200 Features – Shooting Speed:

The newly incorporated EXPEED 4 processor provides you with the ability to capture 100 JPEG pictures or let us say 27 12 bit RAW image files before the after the buffer is empty. Not only this, the latest EXPEED 4 processor ensures better in camera JPEG processing.

A home-made span range of ISO 100 to 25600 is provided by the Nikon D7200. The camera offers two enlarged modules of 51200 and ISO 102600 but unfortunately these require the camera to shoot with the monochrome effect.Nikon D7200 Back View-LCD

The Nikon D7200 image quality camera like all other popular and critically acclaimed DSLRS integrates an electronic viewfinder which guarantees a 100% field of view. The 3 inch wide TFT LCD with a resolution of 1.23 million dot resolution that offers a brilliant color rendition. The camera also provides a great wide angle view but the only drawback associated to it is that it doesn’t incorporate the touch mechanism.

Nikon D7200 Features – Build:

The front design of the Nikon D7200 is by utilizing the poly-carbonate. The best thing about the whole design is that the top and rear parts which are more vulnerable to bumps and drops are constructed by utilizing the much more resistant and sturdy magnesium alloy.Nikon D7200 - 8

Another thing that attracts the photography enthusiasts towards Nikon D7200 is that it is dust and weather sealed which makes it as one of the finest and durable devices in the camera world. The basic button and general design of the camera is more or less unchanged that its predecessor and the body weight of the camera remains unaltered which is 675g only.


The 51 point auto focus is divided into 15 of the more sensitive cross type AF points on hand. -3 e.v. is the central sensitivity reading that allows the Nikon D7200 to focus under lowlight or the equivalent moonlight conditions.Nikon D7200 - 11

The AF-S is utilized for single shots while the AF-C for consecutive focusing and also 3D continuous is used for cleverly back tracking a subject on the camera frame. All of the settings integrated into the camera provide scintillatingly brink auto focusing even under lowlight conditions.

Nikon D7200 Image Quality:

Just like the most common Nikon DX-Format DSLRs, Nikon D7200 possesses a 24.2 million resolution pixel sensor which guarantees an exceptional image quality.Nikon-D7200-sample-image


Nikon D7200 color rendition is one of the bests in the market as it guarantees you to deliver bright and punchy colors across a variety of natural scenes that are super pleasing to the eye. White Balance is generated by the artificial light which then later is corrected by the rich colors which provide extremely strong tonal range to the whole image. In short the camera’s color production is one of the bests in the world right now.


Nikon D7200 is known for resolving a maximum and highest of 3400l/ph.  The camera’s large image sensor of 24.2 MP guarantees a brilliant performance at an ISO range of 100 and delivers a fantastic detail of images.

At the rate of 1600 ISO, we can see a classic resolution of 3000I/ph. While at the ISO of 6400 the camera provides a total of 2800I/ph. which vouches for camera’s resolving detail at high sensitivities and proves its performance in varying conditions.

Image Noise:

The certain drawback related to the device is that at ISO readings between 100-800 the quality is very sharp but after that, a bit of noise starts to appear. If you push beyond the ISO readings of 6400, a little break in detail will start appearing in JPEGs. So the recommended ISO settings by the manufacturer are 800.

Nikon D7200 Sample Image Gallery:

Number of critics set out to practically demonstrate a number of things with the camera and test the device to its limits.

All of you can see what Nikon D7200, the latest DSLR is capable of in the gallery below, and don’t hesitate to check further into our blog for more of the sample images inserted.

Nikon D7200 Price:

The Nikon D7200 was available for purchase from 19th March 2015. £939.99 body only is the Nikon D7200 price. £1,199.99 is the total Nikon D7200 price with Nikon’s 18-105mm lens.

Nikon D7200 Verdict:

The critics after the in depth analysis and comparison with the predecessor of the Nikon D7200 released a common verdict that there hasn’t been many improvements and upgrades from the D7100 model and the difference between the two is very little.

Photography enthusiasts felt that the buffer capacity of the popular Nikon D7100 was very restricted to a particular capacity but Nikon improving it in D7200 was a wonderful achievement and upgrade. The touch LCD screen is a bit disappointing because the tilting articulation hasn’t been added to the LCD screen. Not to forget that its body us unable to reconstruct like many other recently produced Nikon models.

Despite of the fact that there are a couple of things to be paid attention to  by Nikon, the camera as a whole is a wonderful performer and that is showed by its brilliant autofocus performance that wins it the crown of probably the best ever APS-C camera ever produced. The camera holds a number of different controls and is constructed with the help of Magnesium alloy that makes it robust and sturdy coupled with weather sealing functionality.

Nikon D7200 Final Thoughts:

As stated earlier, the camera doesn’t offer gigantic overhaul but is improved on a number of areas than its predecessor and will without a doubt will be welcomed among the camera community.

The integration of the NFC technology is an added bonus that will attract a large amount of customers while the latest generation EXPEED 4 image processor would improve the image quality and performance.

Nikon D7200 Pros and Cons:

The overall rating of Nikon D7200 considering the critic review is 88% which is terrific for a modern day DSLR.


The integration of the NFC connectivity in the new Nikon D7200 image quality helps in one touch image sharing along with establishing a secure connection with your smartphone. The camera also consists of control buttons and aid customization. The camera incorporates an improved AF system, special thanks to Nikon for the 51 point autofocus mechanism.


The physical design of the camera body looks unchanged to the Nikon D7200 predecessors. The manufacturers have under specified and under defined LCD screen which lacks any kind of articulation of the touch mechanism.

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)


Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR w/ 18-140mm VR Lens (Black)

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR w/ 18-140mm VR Lens...



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