Nikon D7300 Major Specification

There are impeding rumors via Nikon Rumors that Nikon is going to announce the entry of the Nikon 7300 camera later this year. The release date is not known. But, some of the features on this model have leaked.

  • 20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF
  • SnapBridge

— End of Rumor —

Nikon has taken two years since it released the Nikon D7200 on March 2nd, 2015. Nikon has an update schedule for its D7xxx series camera. Therefore an update for the Nikon D7200 has been imminent.  Rumors indicate that the Nikon D7300 will feature the same sensor as the Nikon D500. It will also have a 4k video mode. The Nikon D7300 is rumored to maintain the 51 point AF system as well.

Its image quality will be improved. Nikon D7300 is expected to come with Expeed 5 image processor. It is an excellent upgrade from that of its predecessor the Nikon D7200 which uses Expeed 4 processor. The Nikon D7300 will use the new Algo decoding image processor. The new sensor will improve the picture quality making it equivalent to that of the Nikon D500 camera. There are more rumors that Nikon is going to release a cheaper version of its Nikon D500 as well.

There has not been any significant announcement from Nikon about new products till now. Per now, we do not have a confirmed date for the release of the Nikon D7300. But we are certain Nikon will make a big announcement when the right time comes. Keep your fingers crossed since the update recycle time for the Nikon D7XXX models is about to elapse.