Nikon makes no announcement for any new product in 2017

Nikon made no revelation about any new range of products at the 2017 CP+ show in Japan. It helps explains why they were no rumors in the past few months. It was the first CP+ show where Nikon never announced a single new product. Apart from its new limited editions sets.

During 2017 CES, Nikon launched the Coolpix and D5600 cameras on the American market. At the 2016 Photokina show, there was the launching of three KeyMission cameras. These are already not doing well. It only the three sharp lenses released at the start of 2016 which are making some progress. These include the 19mm f/4, the 70-200mm f/2.8 plus the 105mm f/1.4. Nikon did not make any major product announcement since January 2016. Do not consider the D5600 or the D3400. The only feature which got upgraded was adding SnapBridge.

The whole company is under restructuring. They are re-evaluating all future product lines, plans, and products. Once they finish, releasing some new products will begin. Let us hope this happens before 2017 ends.

However, it is not good to make a judgment at this time. Nikon as a leading camera manufacturer might be smart enough to address the current situation. The camera industry is facing declining sales. Therefore every manufacturer has to keep adjusting for the future. Other companies seem to be continuing with their traditional product lines. Sooner or later, they are very likely to get hit harder just like Nikon.