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Nikon’s Latest Camera Registered Today in Indonesia

Nikon's Latest Camera

Nikon has made headlines today when it decided to register its latest camera in Indonesia. The camera model N16D3 got registered today at Indonesian agencies. Going back time, Nikon has been manufacturing its compact cameras in Indonesia.

News coming in from Nikoshita, Nikon is very likely to unveil successors to its brands like Nikon AW130. This one of Nikon’s compact, rugged camera models. Alternatively, there is a likelihood of releasing a new Megazoom compact which replaced the once popular Nikon P900.

Nikon usually takes about 2-3 months before unleashing a new product on the market. It is after its registration in wireless certification agencies. So, we are having our fingers crossed that Nikon might have something in store for use in July or August 2017.

The company did not make any update of the Megazoom last year. It might have been because it did not have any serious competitor on the market. There are high chances of Nikon introducing a Nikon P950 or P1000 model on the market. A Nikon P900 model comes with 83x optical zoom with a 16MP sensor.

There’s more to come from Nikon this year. A full frame DSLR and a new compact camera are in the pipeline. These are expected anytime next month.


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