OPPO announces dual-cam 5x optical zoom technology for smartphones

The Chinese company OPPO has not unveiled any new smartphone model at the Mobile World Congress.  But, a last week teaser revealed the company’s plan to launch a dual cam 5x zoom technology for smartphones. It uses a design styled like a periscope to fit into a module 5.7 mm tall.

It works by diverting light into a prism and into the camera’s telephoto lens set at a 90-degree angle complementing the wide angle. The OPPO shifts the path of the light entering achieving 3x optical zoom. Combining with proprietary image fusion technology, the OPPO is then able to achieve a digital zoom. Afterward, a 5x lossless zoom factor is obtained.

The OPPO promises to offer 40 % better performance and usability. It comes integrated with an optical image stabilizer. With a Tele lens and prism which can detect vibration. It has the ability to compensate for that in real time.

No information is given about aperture and sensor size. Yet, it is a critical factor when determining image quality.  But, it does not stop this technology from being a very innovative approach. It is an excellent feature for zooming on smartphones. Can’t wait to see it implemented in a device.