What an Outrageous move: Fujifilm UK uses naked model at Fuji GFX event

There’s nothing like bad publicity. Fujifilm UK took it a notch higher when it decided to use a semi-nude model at their event. It was a paid event for photographers to test their latest model Fujifilm GFX 50S hands on. On the agenda was a technical to be followed by a photo-shoot. A topless model was unveiled for photographers to have a few clicks on the new camera.

It did not go down well with a few photographers like Danny North. The event was a six person function private studio session with renowned Fuji X photographer Wayne Johns. It was not a big room of photographers ogling at the semi-nude model. What makes it outrageous is that it happened under the nose of Fujifilm UK.

There are reports that Fujifilm was not behind the semi-nude model idea. But, this was their event. It was an event to market their latest camera model. No one came with expectations of facing a semi-nude model at such an event. It was such a bold marketing gimmick. Do you think it worked? Everyone has their own opinion. It has caused quite a buzz on the internet in the last few days.

Danny North ranted about it on his twitter and got a big response. Executives at Fujifilm UK were forced to respond by apologizing for any offense caused.

Fujifilm UK released a statement to Metro in response to the event:

“Fujifilm has a long tradition in photography, an art-form that covers many different genres.

In a workshop on 24th February to demonstrate one of our new products in a real-life shooting situation with a working professional photographer, the choice of shooting subject made by the photographer was not appropriate and we sincerely apologise for any offence that it might have caused.

The workshop itself was arranged by an external professional commercial photographer that we have previously worked with on many different projects. On this occasion, his choice of shooting subject was not in line with our company values.

Had we known in advance that this shooting subject was going to be used we would have requested an alternative subject for the workshop. We would never knowingly use such shooting subjects to promote our brand.”