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PhotoPills App now on Android: Photo planning got better

PhotoPills App

PhotoPills is an app which has won the admiration of many photographers with its picture planning abilities. It has been available only on iPhone. A newer version supporting Android has finally been released after a long wait. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store.

Just like the iPhone version, this Android version will set you back $10. This is a great buy for any serious photographer. It comes with a plethora of functions. PhotoPills allows you find out where and when the sun will set in any given location. It gives you information when the moon is likely to rise. Furthermore, it will let you view the Milky Way Galaxy by letting you know where to locate it from.

The project of upgrading the PhotoPill has taken one year to come up with the Android version. The goal was to offer the similar features, attention to details and reliability as that of the iPhone version. Keep in mind that the app is still in public beta stage. It’s hoped that the company will officially release it to the public at the end of the month.

There’s a possibility of encountering some bugs. But that doesn’t prevent you from making such an investment. The PhotoPill app runs on Android 4.1 or newer and is ready for downloading.


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