Read this before you buy Sony a6600

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It looks like someone not happy with the Sony A6600 camera announcement. Sony A6500 camera was announced back in October 2016, right now after waiting for 2+ years, Sony announced A6600 camera with minor updates over A6500. Take a look at what Engadget said when they have tested out the new Sony A6600 camera.

It’s bizarre that Sony didn’t update the sensor over the last model, considering that it’s the world’s leader in sensor technology. The bad rolling shutter was the biggest weakness of the original A6500, and it’s now back to haunt the A6600. In 2019, it has to compete against the X-T3, Z 50, Canon’s M6 II and Panasonic’s GH5, none of which have rolling shutter that’s nearly as noticeable. I also wish it had two faster card slots and more advanced 4K options.

If you’re looking to spend $1,400, I’d get the X-T3 instead, which is a better all around camera. If it’s resolution you need, take a look at Canon’s M6 Mark II which is cheaper ($1,050 with the EVF) and can also shoot faster. If you’re okay with a smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor, Panasonic’s $1,500 GH5 is still the best video-centric mirrorless camera out there, especially with recent AF firmware updates.

They could use the new 26MP BIS CMOS sensor they have sold to Fuji, at the same time to work effectively on s-log we need at least 10bit video output from the camera. But again Sony A6600 limited to 8bit as of its predecessor. They need to simplify their APS-C line-up of the camera as they have done in the FF range. In the end, you might get an A7III for the price of the a6600 and that is definitely a much better deal!

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