Ricoh GR II vs. GR III camera Comparison

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Michael Kowalczyk published a nice comparison between the current Ricoh GR II camera and the new/upcoming Ricoh GR III model:


  • New lens design = 1 lens element and 1 group less means quicker lens movement/time to focus
  • New lens adapter pin = Possible introduction of new wide and telephoto lens adaptors
  • 50% higher resolution sensor
  • 16% higher bit-depth for RAW DNG
  • Introduction of an Anti Shake/Dust Removal System
  • Introduction of Hybrid (Phase+Contrast) Auto Focus System (unconfirmed)
  • Introduction of a Touch-Screen
  • Closer Minimum Focus range
  • Addition of new (Highlight-weighted) Metering Mode


  • Smaller Camera Body
  • Removal of dedicated TAv Shooting Mode
  • Removal of dedicated Movie Recording Mode
  • Introduction of an Adjustment Wheel around the Four-Way Button Controller


  • Removal of In-Camera Flash
  • Removal of 3 physical camera controls buttons (AF-S/AF-C Switch, Exposure Compensation Buttons, Fn2 Button)

Picture source: GRblog