SD Association planning UHS-III memory cards

During the CP+ trade show held in Japan, the SD Association unveiled its new generation of ultra-high-speed SD cards, UHS-III. This card increases the transfer speed of UHS-II by double. Transfer rate goes up to 624MB/sec from 312MB/sec.

Although the use of UHS-II cards is in-progress, many cameras manufacturers have started supporting this standard. The SD Association is looking ahead to satisfy the transfer and storage needs. Through, this is possible through supporting high-resolution videos and photos. The card will be compliant in cameras with 8K and 4K content, drones, and 360-degree cameras.

SD Association planning UHS-III memory cardsThe shift to UHS-II from I was a relatively big leap in the card market. UHS-II cards had introduced an extra set of contacts. It meant camera producers had to utilize the new card slots for the upgraded bus interface. Good enough, the new UHS-III cards are compatible with dual-row contact design for the II cards. Thus, the shift to high speed III card is easier.

Information is not yet out on when UHS-III cards will go on the market. This new feature has just been finalized. Thus, if you hope to buy 8K, 4K or another high-resolution camera in the future, you will be able to use this card.  You’ll have a beautiful, high-capacity, ultra-fast SD cards for speeding up your work.

The latest UHS-III SD cards are expected to be both full-sized SDXC and SDHC cards as including microSDHX formats.